Complaining to Players Association ‘not a good look’ for Bulls players – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

Jalen Rose is on head coach Jim Boylen’s side in making Chicago Bulls players work harder after losing a game by 56 points. Jalen expects NBA players to …



  1. I love listening to players who are playing overseas talk about culture change when it comes to teams practicing here and there. With the 80-100games schedules, it is not rare for NBA teams to go 1-2 months without a practice while it's totally different in Europe where the term players league isn't known.

  2. Bulls players have no pride. If Kobe lost by 56 points no coach would have to make his team practice. He would force them to practice. Bulls players don't care about being embarrassed.

  3. What shall I say ?
    Chicago the city has lots of elements as in "culture". Now the Chicago Cubs (annoying fucken sissified fans, annoying team players and annoying location) has rubbed off because they have always been advocates of the LGBTQ and they're located around "Boystown". Why do you believe no teams in MLB ever took them seriously in the past and NOBODY with working brain cells takes that bullshit tainted World Series, "seriously" ? If I sound "crazy" or I'm fucken wrong….why was the culture of Sports different, when Ozzie Guillen (White Sox Manager) still in Chicago ? "Raw, gritty, tough, no excuse making". So simply put, "If 1 team can constantly act soft, why can't the Bulls act soft too" ??? After the White Sox won in 2005, oh….EVERY team in Chicago grew a pair of fucken balls. Is that a "coincidence" ??????

  4. Bulls coach said he had planned to practice them this long an thats why he subbed them out jaylen has his facts wrong

  5. These players are soft as hell they want none of the real work but want the rewards that their profession has.Social media n highlights videos makes these guys think they can do nothing wrong.Society really is turning grown men into kids

  6. I've never experienced an easy practice after losing a game. These guys just lost by 50+ points they should've expected their next practice to be tough, that kind of thing has probably happened all of their lives and they shouldn't expect that to change just because they're playing in the NBA. They need to grow a pair and stop acting like babies.

  7. u got your ass kick, u going to be in practice period, u can believe that, nba players of this era is sad and wussies , man as a bulls is really saddens me, oh man smdh

  8. Man y'all need to stop listening to these dudes especially when all they do is lick lebrons crotch and talk crap about everybody else…..the bulls ain't even got the pieces to make the playoffs this year or any other year and doing wind sprints and push ups isn't going to create wins or superstars fire garpax.because they continue to show they can't develop talent or stop having pissing contest with the coaches and jalen you're a fuckn loser you have no credibility

  9. I usually side w players…but in this case, I’m w the coach holding these guys accountable. Salary size doesn’t protect you from hurt feelings. Unless the coach is literally abusing y’all, play ball, dummies. Now finish your suicides or else no desert goddamnit!

  10. bunch of soft ass pussies. i swear these millenials are cut from a different cloth. go watch why mj has stated why practice was so vital to his game. these guys just want to be paid millions and be on tv. none of them wants to work hard.

  11. They are a shitty team, they need the practice. Plus when you are getting paid MILLIONS! Get over it or go work a 9 to 5. Then you might actually have something to complain about. Weak ass moves by the Bulls players.

  12. Majority of this guys receive a pretty good amount of money, have one of the worst records in the league, lose by 56 points…and are complaining about practice? I'm not a pro player but I got offended by this laziness

  13. There's black players on the team so they're victims and being profiled and targeted by whitey they're clearly victims here how dare a coach expect them to practice how dare him.

  14. Well if they got blown out, have back to backs, and he’s killing them in practice, how will the rested by the next game? Not trying to make excuses but fatigue is real

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