Dwyane Wade's buyout from Bulls 'inevitable' | The Jump | ESPN

The Jump crew discusses Dwyane Wade’s time with the Chicago Bulls, and ESPN NBA writer Nick Friedell says a buyout from the team is “inevitable.



  1. As a Chicago Bulls fan, I'm upset that the Chicago Bulls bought his contract out.; The Chicago Bulls finally made the play-offs his first year & he proved to be a key player, here.

  2. He's either going to Miami or Cleveland and it's going to happen before the season starts. No way Wade lets them drag him out until December. No way he goes on a 'tour of the NBA' at his age other than Cleveland if he really feels like winning one more and doesn't mind joining 'Lebron's team.'

  3. Wade is 36 and still averaged 18 ppg in 2017. If he went to Cleveland you start him over JR, period. JR averaged like 7 ppg, Wade is very superior.

  4. He won't go to Cleveland because Lebron's not staying. Miami has moved on. He goes to LA and plays 2 more seasons, then retires.

  5. wrong again. Wade won't come off the bench. Move Shumpert for a draft pick and free up the space for Wade. 1) Thomas
    Bench : Rose, Korver, Jr Smith, Crowder, Jeff Green Thompson. You guys say the Cavs don't stand a chance. I say the Warriors don't .

  6. He's going to Cleveland.

    Clippers have an interesting roster, but I don't see them surpassing GSW, Spurs, or even the Rockets. They are 2nd round at best.

    With the Cavs, he's going to the ECF at least, probably the NBA Finals.

    And I don't know why these analysts are talking about money. At this point in his career, Wade is not after the big paycheck. He will sign the minimum for one last run towards the NBA Finals.

    The season after, he will sign and retire with the Heat.

  7. PG: Isaiah Thomas
    SG: Dwayne Wade
    SF: LeBron James
    PF: Kevin Love
    C: Tristan Thompson
    6: Derrick Rose
    7: Jae Crowder
    8: J.R. Smith
    9: Kyle Korver
    10: Channing Frye

    The cavs depth looking real good if Wade goes to the cavs. I think it would also help Cleveland realize there identity as a team and not copying the warriors three point shooting style but playing as the rough riders that they were when they won the chip.

  8. No one can beat the Warriors right now today with this addition of KD. Seriously if get rid of Zaza replace with a better Center or PF they will be basically unstoppable.

  9. IDC about his SEASON with the bulls, please look at the man's career? Goes to show you that they put you in a bad light until you retire, don't worry once he's gone they will be saying how he is "One of the greats" WADE COUNTY 4 LIFE

  10. D Wade is 10 times better than JR Smith ever was. He will start if he goes to Cavs….which would make the Cavs quite a bit better with him putting in 25 mins a game.

  11. Honestly I'd like to see him come off the bench for the Cavs. He'd probably start bc he's D Wade but not have as much responsibility. Just get to the finals so I don't have to watch the Warriors practically sweep everyone again.

    I don't care if the Warriors win just make the series more competitive.

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