Evaluating The Chicago Bulls Roster 20 Games In

Pat The Designer Grades The Chicago Bulls Performance up To This Point . He Breaks Down Their Game And Roster & Says what he Belives are the Pro’s And …



  1. I mean the weird thing is lauri is actually playong better against harder players. I mean everytime he has played against kp he has been good pretty much 😂😅 so weird

  2. Nice eval Pat, It's funny you gave neck beard some love! but all in all I agree with your take here, still you have to break this team up. These pieces just don't fit well together, it a team of assets that are not valuable together. ohhh Tell P.Kidd to stop hating on Coby, he Gave Mitch Tribumski 4 years before he saw the light, Coby is in his 2nd year and 2nd coach but that dude is truly talented.

  3. Good grades Pat but truly felicio deserve that mention that pass was actually smooth aint even gonna stunt with u and as first half season ends we should start hearing rumors about trades if guys don't come out here and be productive

  4. Zach Lavine is by far our best player right now. My only defense for trading him right now is that we are no where near a championship and he is probably at his highest trade value and I get shopping around to see if we can get an amazing draft haul back for him

  5. Pat the designer it's been awhile my guy ! 8-11 is a lot better than last season haven't been able to catch a game yet! Plan on watching the Sixers game on 2/19/21 ! Bulls been in a lot of close ones lately! I live in the DMV that's why the RAVENS gear!

  6. I almost thought you were going to give Denzel Valentine some credit, but then it went to Felicio

    I think Billy sees the PG potential in Valentine. Facilitating is literally the only thing Valentine can do for this team that somebody else can't do better.

    Overall, I think the Bulls are sitting at about a C+ but I think Professor Donovan will get them on the honor roll

    The only "see me after class" is Coby White because something's wrong there, and whatever it is should be a quick fix

    Honor Roll:
    Zac A-
    Garret B+
    Thadeus B+

    I'm a major DG fan, and he's necessary to this team, and finally getting the minutes to show why he's needed, but he jumps at everything and was getting in his own way. Like 4 games ago he was a C+ but now he's at about a B
    Lauri is trending up/showing why you gotta pay him B-
    Thadeus Young been great and why Lauri is getting consistent B+
    Garret Temple I got blindsided by what we've gotten from him B+
    Coby is going to stay after class and we'll get him right B-
    Valentine as a facilitator is actually pretty good P

  7. I honestly regularly forget that hutch is on the roster. Very unfortunate because I like his game and I want to see him succeed

  8. Y’all kill Coby and put so many expectations of a 20 year old. I say the problem is when he does play PG it’s like he’s on a leash. Last year and some moments this when he played freely he was playing well. But I get what you’re saying

  9. was popin @thewindycitybreeze keep up great work…. yall should pull up to the @nothinbutknicks NBK chat let us know if yall trying to work out a Zach Lavine trade

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