Grant Hill 37pts-10reb-5ast vs Chicago Bulls (1998.03.31)- Sick Crossover on Pippen



  1. This argument needs more context. At first I wasnt bothered because well, who cares? Hill is relegated to What If status, and Pippen has his six rings and well life in Chicago is good for Pip. He gets my love. I know he isn't MJ but guess what? I liked him as Pippen before and after I found out he wasnt MJ. But this argument really does baffle me now. Because they throw Hill stats at Pippens without context as if Pippen s career deserves no such detail. Like the shine in his trophies don't give enough of a golden reflection upon which to respect the face of Scottie's as his name is brought up.

    Pippen played with Rodman rebounding from 96-98.
    Pippen also shared ball usage duty with Jordan.
    This explains Pippen being a great rebounder, good scorer but having many years of his career not having to bear such bulk of those duties because he played with an ultimate scoring option, greatest per game scorer ever in Michael, and greatest modern pergame rebounder in Dennis Bad Boy Rodman.
    Hill only had 6.6 trbs per game after he started focusing on scoring more in 1999-2000. Then his ankle died.

    Also Pippen in 94 and 95, scored 21 to 22 pts, 8 some rebounds and near 8 assists. Which puts him @ Hills level in the same role as Hill.

    Also, for all talk about MJ not winning before Scottie, well Hill had Allan Houston, Jerry Stackhouse and Joe Dumars and didn't give Chicago any static in the East. So obviously them three halves of the Hill Pistons werent Scottie Maurice Pippen good, and Hills half to Jordans half was obviously overstated.

    We get it. Hill is a Cosby. He's kind, nice, presedential but, Jordan and Pippens Presidente and Vice Presidente whom actually won elections and had multiple terms. Hill only made noise walking down the hall but never earned a room.

  2. I vividly remember this era and Grant Hill's Pistons never consistently gave the Bulls problems. I don't recall these Pistons ever challenging Chicago in the Eastern Conference Finals, nor do I remember Grant Hill giving Jordan problems consistently during those years. By my assessment Kobe was the first player I ever seen that truly proposed problems for Jordan, but none could shut MJ down. Grant Hill was great in this game, no doubt.

  3. This is like the small forward version of Olajuwon dominates Robinson lol Pippen can't guard Hill but respect for Pippen coz he had already a back injury in this time.

  4. To say he wouldn't have been #2 all time would be lying to yourself. If you watched him like I did, you would know that he came back from his ankle injury and dominated until he went out again because he hadn't properly healed.

    Did you read that right??

    His ankle was still injured (fractured) in a sport where jumping and running are the main things you do, and he still dominated.

    If LeBron ever gets a serious injury (God forbid), his game would be exposed when he came back. Grant was just too damn versatile.

    SMH I miss the 90s and G Hill. My favorite player of all time.

  5. Grant Hill walked into the league as good as Pippen in his prime and blew Pippen's best seasons away for the next five years before he got hurt.

  6. pippen and hill is statistaclly very even. Except pippen won 12 out of 14 matchups

    pippen 19 ptsts, 6 rbs, 6 assists, 2 steals, 1 block per game shot 48% and 2 turnovers per
    hill 21 pts, 8 RBS, 6 assists, 1 steal, .1 block per game , shot
    49% with 3 turnovers per game.

    could help post this when people acting like Hill dominated Pippen

  7. Grant Hill was a beast, no question about it. He was younger and quicker too. But to say he was this and that is a little crazy! Jordan and Pippen were near the end of their careers. Jordan has dominated so long, every young kid coming to the NBA will look to show up a legend…nature of the game…Chamberlain vs. Kareem….look at Jordan in the late 80s and early 90's….drop 60pts in a playoff game…cmon

  8. Grant was just shitting down Pippen and MJs throats with ease. Jordan was fouling the shit out of Hill down the stretch, it was the only way he could keep up with him.

  9. Grant Hill was such a joy to watch in the basketball court when he wasn't injured. I remember him practically schooling Vince Carter in a game. And that's what he was doing here to Scottie Pippen. Even Michael have had trouble with him.

  10. I actually taped this game. Stackhouse had 6 or 7 dunks this game. I never appreciated how good Hill really was when I was younger. If he'd stayed healthy, he'd be a top 20 player of all time, no questions.

  11. Bison Dele (Brian Williams) scored 21 that night. Dude dominated the post. It's a shame he didnt get more playing time when he played for Chicago the year before. Dude was on his way to becoming an all star player

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