Here's why The Chicago Bulls drafted Patrick Williams at #4….. Bulls- NBA Draft 2020.

At first glance it look like the bull were back on their bs again. Using their #4 draft pick on collegiate role player. But, WIlliams is no bum and blitzing up the draft …



  1. I’m months late but I was ecstatic when he was drafted early because people slept on him he was a 6th man of the year btw and a great mid range scorer which isn’t as prominent but brings more dimension to his game. Him bring from my hometown I was proud and happy for Chicago fans but now they finally realize how much he can do

  2. after the first 3 games of pre-szn, he looking very good. Glad we snagged him and our front office saw a gem where no one else did. He drawing those kawhi leonard comparisons

  3. We have nothing to lose. Get rid of Thad and Otto so we can let these young'ns play and see what we got. P.W will contribute early and often on this team.

  4. Sorry as long as Paxson is still there everything should be questioned… Sorry this feels like a poor mans Brand with not much offense… Obi Toppin was the pick…. F the Bull s**ters!!!

  5. The Bulls/ NBA need great defenders. I remember when players were respected for being great on ball defenders.

  6. They should’ve took Obi Toppin with the 4th pick. Williams is too slow to be any good at a SF and won’t be a starter on any other team but the Bulls. That’ll only be due to Bulls not having a SF at all. They might decide to get Yannis next year so maybe they did draft a bench player lol.

  7. I don't know what the Bulls plans are with P Will, but my hope is that he plays sparingly up until some trades are made. The Bulls would benefit from trading Otto Porter, Thad Young and possibly Thomas Satoransky (though there's less urgency with him). In order for the Bulls to maximize return value in a trade, opposing GMs have to see them play, play well and stay healthy. Porter will start at the 3 and Young should get heavy rotation minutes as the 6th man. Williams is the perfect teammate with a very manageable ego. He won't mind logging 6-8 minutes a game to start and getting his feet wet in the NBA as a 19-year-old. Once Porter and Young have been traded, Billy Donovan can up P Will's minutes, and we will have a better idea what he looks like as a rookie.

  8. Fear not Patrick Williams, you do not have to shoot threes because we have actually average 3 pt shooters like Zack and Coby and also Lauri can shoot 3s too. All I need from YOU is just defense and mid rangers and we all good

  9. Been new pat since HS been fw this pick as soon as they drafted him y’all just dickridin ppl y’all wanted to see drafted don’t say nun wen he take off 🤫

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