Jim Boylen & Doug Collins Got "BEEF"?! Are The Chicago Bulls Pursuing Sam Presti?! #DemBulls

Jim Boylen & Doug Collins Got "BEEF"?! Are The Chicago Bulls Pursuing Sam Presti?! #DemBulls


  1. Thanks for watching guys! What do you think about the Collins vs. Boylen beef?!? Also, do you believe KC Johnson when he says the bulls are not pursuing Sam Presti?! KC is one of my favorite Chicago sports journalists, so I'll admit I am biased! But his credibility speaks for itself! Leave your opinions below! Have a safe weekend! #SEERED

  2. The bulls are cheap ASF they act like a team in a much smaller market they would rather spend the money that they would have to to get presti on a bunch of lesser individuals that they can get on the cheap, further cluttering the front office, smart.

  3. C'mon back to commentating Doug Collins. The networks need you even though I love everyone except Marv, Boring Gibby, etc. As for Boylen, get him outta here so Rose can finish his career back home, it was great sweeping him and Crybaby Casey this season but that's about it.

  4. They will never land a Sam Presti caliber executives as long as Gar-Pax-Collins-Boylen are still in the organization. They need a total house-cleaning, and the next GM who is brought in must have total autonomy in all decision-making. Why would Sam Presti come to CHI if the deal included John Paxson whispering in his ear, with Reinsdorf still backing Paxson.

    The Bulls now saying, via K.C., that they won't give Presti $10MIL per, but rather hire multiple bodies for the same amount is a smokescreen because they know that there is no way in hell Presti is coming to this dumpster-fire, even at 15 or 20MIL. It's clear and Reinsdorf had better listen to the fan-base and fire Gar-Pax, and give the new GM to make all decisions, including firing and replacing Boylen if he wants to do that. Anything less is the same-old-same-old, just a reshuffling of the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    17 years is enough loyalty to John Paxson and enough time to prove he can't win. The reality is that if and when Gar-Pax-Boylen are ousted, none of them will ever work in the NBA again, anywhere.

  5. I’m seriously considering switching teams, maybe bucks, so I can still go see games on the regular basis. I love the bulls, I just hate and am frustrated with the front office and coach.

  6. Fire boylen he can't coach winning basketball and he never accepts responsibility for any of the losses that has happened bulls fans deserve better.

  7. Thank you Diana, for giving us the low down on our Bulls but I wish the Bulls would get a new coach soon not going to be looking forward to next season if Boylen is still the head mean in charge.

  8. The only thing that Jim Boylen needs to focus on is becoming a better Head Coach. His plays & transitions are absolutely horrible. I can't stand him. He's constantly blaming the Bulls players instead of blaming his own inadequacy. Boylen is seriously the worst Head Coach in the history of the Bulls. Yes, even worse than Tim Floyd. I can't take anymore of the bs that comes outta his mouth.

  9. I was laughing when I heard about this beef I just thought it was hilarious because it's obvious Jim boylen coaching is not helping the Bulls to me he's too old school and eventually the Bulls need to go with a more energetic more enthusiastic head coach that can get the best out of the players and make them play different style of basketball as far as the GM is concerned the Bulls are not going to get a big-time GM they're going to just promote somebody that's in the front office to be the next GM probably your name that you ever heard of like they did with gar Forman when they hired him

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