Lakers Trade Rumors: Can The Lakers Trade For Myles Turner, Zach LaVine or Josh Richardson?

Lakers Trade Rumors: Can The Lakers Trade For Myles Turner, Zach LaVine or Josh Richardson?


  1. Trade #1 wth? Lakers r loaded and strongest in the front court. Why u off load ur weakness to address your strength?

  2. I would trade kuzma green and pick for lavine. Go out sign Carmelo Anthony to replace kuzma. They've got to resign howard as well. Lavine could still pair with Davis for a while even after James retires. Win win for lakers

  3. I am sorry but what in the actual crap are these trades especially the Philly one Josh Richardson is much better than an ageing Danny green and tbh I'd take Shake Milton over green at this point with the way he played in the end of the season…

  4. anthony davis is the heart and soul of the lakers and lebron is the brain of thier offense….imagine sorrounded with quality player….oh my gosh

  5. We need to trade Rondo, Danny green and Kuzma for sure, would be a gd idea to look for a center incase howard doesn't stay since he has earned a bigger contract( and he deserves it, why don't the Lakers just pay him and keep him, unless his asking for too much.) But we definitely need a playmaker/3pt shooter when lebron is resting. Someone that can keep the offense flowing but still catch those open 3s. Opens the floor and you know you need to surrounded shooters with drivers like lebron & AD.

  6. I think the lakers need a better SG more than a Center coz they still got mcGee and howard…they should trade for BEAL or McCollum if they can't have LAVINE…

  7. Zach already said he wanted to play with LeBron and AD. He’s lethal and can actively guard the SGs. Zach by any means.

  8. I’m a pacers fan , and Myles Turner doesn’t get his just due here, a great pick and roll defender and rim protector and I think LeBron would bring out more of his game , he’s my favorite player on the pacers , team first guy

  9. The ONLY way the Lakers get Josh Richardson from the Sixers is if they also take Al Horford, and we know that ain't gonna happen 'cause of Horford's contract.

  10. The one for Myles Turner or Zach Levine, adding Alex Caruso and Talen Horton Tucker might , just might convince the Pacers or Bulls to bite.

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