Latest Chicago Bulls News! Gar Forman Fired? Jim Boylen & Otto Porter Jr Injury | Bulls News!

Latest Chicago Bulls News! Gar Forman Fired? Jim Boylen & Otto Porter Jr Injury | Bulls News!


  1. Jim Boylen is awful man. He is terrible and rotations and his use of timeouts. He has not established a hierarchy for the team. He doesn't run sets for his star players. Lavine and Markkanen don't seem happy and engaged. They lose leads all the time because the rotations. Keep one star player on all the time if necessary. How many times have they lost the lead early in the damn 4th. That just bad coaching. They should easily be in the playoffs right now with their schedule. They still have a chance because the 8th spot is so bad, but as he said their schedule is going to get way tougher.

  2. the dumbest owners and coaches in america are all from chicago in any sport. so are the fans. All you simple mfs have to do is not showup for the games its that simple. the owners come up short money wise I bet you they will find a coach and gm thats worth paying. but you little bitch fans would rather complain like little girls and say to each other we stick with our team good or bad. And old saying given to you by your worthless teams. Yes fans you are the blame too. I am 80 and I just made myself sick.

  3. Fire boylen bulls don't have no allstars reinsdorf sell the team get rid of gar pax boylen

  4. Bulls have garbage organization bad owner awful president awful GM reinsdorf sell the team

  5. I wish we could have found a way to keep ROLO on the team. I believed even last season that he was the only true Center they had, and now it's only Gafford. Wendell and Lauri are PFs. Even in today's league there should be a true Center for rebounds and block shots, or just to keep guys from just taking it to paint so easy like I've witnessed this season.

  6. Us fans need to boycott the bulls we need to not show up to games that’s the only way change will happen as long as they keep filling up the UC nothing will happen gotta hit em where it hurts that’s the pockets

  7. Doug collins intern coach Gm , get a new coach next year sign Crawford to a 3 year deal to ad some veteran leadership and watch it all change

  8. Chicago bulls need to go out and get some veterans over the age of 33 to teach these young guys how to close games out. Omg.

  9. we signed Boylen because we tanking that's all its about lottery draft Gold hoping they hit the lottery the Bulls organization knew Boylen would help the tanking begin reinsdorf sale the team or get a experience head coach that the players will respect and play for him they don't respect Boylen so tank too a change come something has too happen maybe a trade this is not Chicago Bulls basketball right now

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