Latest Chicago Bulls News! LeBron Says Patrick Is Kawhi Like, Porter Jr Hurt & Markkanen Return!

Latest Chicago Bulls News! LeBron Says Patrick Is Kawhi Like, Porter Jr Hurt & Markkanen Return! ——————————————————————– Bulls Chat …



  1. I honestly believe the only games the bulls should’ve lost is against the hawks, pacers, and bucks the rest of these games they lost they were in control just don’t know how to close out games

  2. Young talented kids….they need to learn the fourth quarter is when it counts….your star needs to save something for then ..let the other players get involved early…set them up early…if Lavigne can learn that mental part of the game, he could become an elite player . Their weakness? Probably the worst defensive team I have ever seen…defense is 90 percent desire….I like their coach hopefully he can develop them.

  3. I have been watching bball for a long long time.
    I have never seen ANY rookie play as mature and developed of a game as PW.
    And, that includes MJ. He plays like he knows the game.
    If PW does not improve or change his game in any way, he would still be a great draft pick.
    But, he will get better.
    The skies the limit for this young stud.
    I just hope he doesn't become a jerk, too.

  4. I like your fandom and you have some good content. Just don’t say “us” when referring to the team. You’re not on the team. I agree Pat has a lot of potential. Wendell looked lost in the first handful of games but the pick and roll with him is coming along. His confidence seems up. Crunch keep in young.

  5. Lavine goes hard most nights. My only issue is he makes questionable shot decisions down the stretch instead of passing the ball around and set the offense, he attempts some unnecessary heroic act that's more too often a detriment to the team's success. If he manages this instinct of his, he would be an incredible Star player! Superstar level for sure!

  6. Wendell is not mentally prepared for the ups and downs of those crunch time moments therefore Thad is the best option from an execution and ability stand point. Hopefully Wendell can prove himself a mentally capable closer because the ability is there.

  7. I heard rumors earlier that the Bulls brass where looking to move Porter Jr for Harrison Barnes. It would make sense getting a solid veteran on the roster and cheaper than resigning Porter Jr.

  8. The young Bulls come out to play every night… last year I noticed the deer in the headlights syndrome, but this year its all business!!!! Coby is noticeably stronger and taller!!!! Wendell is stronger and I can't wait to see Pat next year!!!! Its going down

  9. Personally, I don't think the Bulls are that far off and I thought this way even in the BLOWOUT LOSSES!
    With the 2021draft seemingly being really, really GOOD / GREAT AT THE TOP, I think the Bulls could stand to get one more LOTTERY PICK.
    They need to get one BIG NAME / BIG GAME VETERAN PLAYER, without sacrificing a major player currently on the team.
    trading Markkanen and / or Cater, Jr. to get this VETERAN PLAYER wouldn't bother me, if they decide to go that route, but I'm not exactly ready to bail out on them just yet.
    If they don't improve more by the end of this year, then that's a different story.
    I prefer they sign a BIG NAME / BIG GAME VETERAN FREE AGENT.
    I thought they should've really pushed for one of the veteran players this past off-season.

    I really, really like Patrick Williams, but I think he needs to get better at three key things (in no particular order), even with his "YOUNG AGE."
    1.) He NEEDS a quicker first step.
    2.) He NEEDS to get his shot off quicker.
    3.) He NEEDS to be more aggressive on the offensive end of the court. You can also say this about several other players on the team. Too many games there is a disproportionate amount of shots between the shots that LaVine and White takes – and makes – and the rest of the team.
    Williams gets better at these three things and the rest of the team does the other things I mentioned and watch Williams – and the rest of the team – TAKE OFF!

  10. Fck that we need LM . Once he get healthy under coach BD. He's going to shine. Remember Coach BD play with 3 Stars. , RW, PG,and CA, We got the right coach. ZL CW, and LM. The Bulls got its 3 Stars fr. Let's Go Bulls

  11. P Will needs a quicker shot release. He’ll be averaging around 20 if he can get those nearly open looks off. But he’s young and confidence will come. I’m so excited for his development.

  12. I disagree that the Bulls are better without Lauri. The bulls could get over the hump and secure wins with Lauri on the team. No one was playing good for the first 5 games… it was afterwards that we started getting it together, but Lauri has been gone during that time. Had Lauri been in and had a coming out party like Coby and Zach, man we would have been 6-4 right now. We still have time but gotta win some games here

  13. We literally lost because Billy Donovan decided to keep gaff in for so long in the 4th, he was getting just completely dominated by Harrell every single possession, it was just sad to watch

  14. I hear a lot of people saying he did a solid job on lebron last Night but Damn if that was solid you must be High as fuck because Damn he did a phenomenal job against lebron

  15. Pat Williams going to be a beast very nice pic very good draft choice Chicago Bulls have a bright future don't get too far ahead of yourself this is rebuilding so don't worry about the losing we going to take future is bright so let's keep doing it right no pressure

  16. Wendell is heading in the right direction but still has to earn time in the final minutes of the game. Donavan trusts his veterans like Young in the clutch. It’s clear that he believes in Wendell, so it will happen eventually

  17. Patrick Williams is a great player. Period. Everyone likes to qualify their statements with “for his age” or “for being 19”, but that really isn’t necessary. He guards the toughest defensive assignment (allows our scorers to preserve energy), is smart with the ball, and takes high quality shots.

  18. Injuries happen, but it's so frustrating watching OPJ injured.
    Lauri Markkanen should come off the bench.
    Thad Young is the better crunch time player than Wendell. His experience shows.

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