Lauri Markkanen Wants Out From The Chicago Bulls?

I give you guys my thoughts on the report that Lauri Markkanen is unhappy with the Bulls, Make sure to subscribe and give the video a big thumbs up! Follow me …



  1. The people who are bashing Lauri in the comments really make me sick. This stupid in the brain front office and Jimmy the Bozo the clown Boylen dont know how to manage their players and thats why we are so stupidly injured all the time, the style of play needs to change

  2. Bulls been a laughing stock since mike retirement than ok with ben Gordon than drose after drose bulls been a disaster

  3. I was enjoying your videos until this one. The coaches & owners & staff don't play the games the players do. I biggest fault for the disappointing season besides the injuries is because the way Markannen has played he's regressed and that's his fault not others everyone is responsible for themselves other people don't control you they can aid & assist but ultimately everybody is responsible for themselves. Coaches don't affect the games that much it's the players out there. If Laurie continued to improve the way his has the last 2 seasons instead of regressing then they would be in a play off spot now. If he didnt' miss so many open threes if he was agressive like he was like in one of the first games this year making easy shots we wouldn't be in this position. The staff is there to assist but they don't put the ball in the hoop. Terrible video

  4. The team has tons of young talented guys, but the only thing they have accomplished is to make them all fail hard… How do you even accomplish that??? They should be playing better than this. But I guess they are not interested in winning at all, just about sucking. I want my Finnish boy to succeed and he is being buried with the rest of the team… That is some serious management magic right there. It is nice to have Lavine scoring 35 with 35 shots, but it seems nothing else matters to the management. Do they have some million dollar bonuses tied to having a guy in the top 10 list or something??? This just doesn't make any sense.

  5. I would trade Lauri in a heartbeat what he don't know is that he's part of the problem with the Bulls. Zach Levine is the only one that constantly plays hard game in and game out. Colby is a rookie so I'm gonna cut him some slack and Wendell Carter is starting to come along he just gotta stay healthy

  6. Lauri needs to shut his ass up, only Zach can complain this year.. he's the only one playing good! But what is firing everyone going to do about injuries? I think we need to fire our medical staff first then start working our way up.. I bet nobody is complaining if we win those games early this season when we had those 18+ leads.. our record should be much better than this

  7. Yes im so glad your the only one saying you dont want the bulls to make the playoffs. Why just to lose in 4 games and jim stays.. We need the bulls to lose and lose bad for change.. Im about to become a portland trailblazer fan if Gar and Pax dont go at least jim and Gar.. Oh and the bulls will get like a 7th or 8th pick in the draft smh

  8. Who will they trade for if he really wants to leave? No one wants to come here to play for Jimmy "BOZO" Boylan , Johnny "The Joke" Paxson, and Gar "The Fool" Forman. Notice their names end with an N as in negativity so get em the f—out of town Jerry!

  9. A 7 footer who thinks his job is to shoot 3's . Can't Rebound or play Defense – Maybe if he bucked up & played like he got a pair & quit whining & blaming , he would enjoy Balling in Chi- Town once again ! See Ya wouldn't want to be YA Norm/Herd

  10. If Lauri wants out it is safe to assume that there are other guys who want to leave. So look out for Zach rumors about leaving after this contract expires, especially if management stays in place.

  11. Lauri also hasnt been very good either this year. Zach Levine is the man but we may have to trade him just to recoup some draft picks. May as well go a full scale rebuild

  12. I don't blame Lauri at all. This team isn't constructed as is because of bad luck, other than DRose first ACL, but because Jerry Reinsdorf doesn't care about winning whatsoever. He only cares about allowing Gar/Pax enough to give the us fans enough hope at times to fill the seats and once the team either gets knocked out of 1st or 2nd round of the playoffs, they fail to sign at least an All-Star, they go into rebuild.
    And Gar/Pax have the same bullshit press conferences "we're focused on young talent, staying healthy, and having the cap space to sign a max player at or during trade deadline/free agency and it never happens.
    The team is going nowhere because the owner doesn't want it to go anywhere. Why? I wish I knew.

  13. I really hate the bulls it pisses me off that the owner stands for how garpax has made us THE WORST RUN TEAM IN THE LEAGUE WORSE THAN THE KNICKS it's a joke I wish they would sell the team they dont care about basketball only the whitesox

  14. I honestly would hate to see Zach, Lauri, or Wendell request trades at the end of the season. But I wouldn't blame them at all. The Bulls front office is horrible. And Jim Boylen is seriously the worst Head Coach in the entire NBA.

  15. This was not a legit report, only speculation from someone who is talking about the "possibility" of this could happen. Which is understandable. Lauri/Lauri's Agent did not say this….

  16. people who diss Lauri are stupid. you know what will happen if they were to get rid of him? a team with a competent coach and front office will swoop him up and mold him into the star that he can be. he's still super young

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