MAVERICKS at BULLS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 3, 2021 The Chicago Bulls defeated the Dallas Mavericks, 118-108. Zach LaVine led the Bulls with …



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  3. Carlisle should be fired if this is the best he can get out of his team. He continues to repeat the same mistakes each year and refuses to admit it isnt working.

    1) DFS is not a starting SF in this league! He just isnt! His defense is overrated and he absolutely has no offense outside of catch and shoot. Carlisle refusing to see this is either blatant stupidity or refusing to admit defeat in that he made a bad decision in regards to continuing on with DFS

    2) Dwight Powell is absolutely awful! He is the worst rebounding big in the league, and is probably the worst defending big in the league, he gets plowed over by almost everyone. WCS outplays him almost every night, and gets crumbs for minutes. The fascination that Carlisle has with Powell baffles the human brain. The dude cant do anything except Pick and Roll, and hes not even great at that.

    3) THJ Playing with the 2's just is not working, it didnt work last year, and its not working this year, DFS should be playing with the 2's. Luka, , Brunson, Josh Richardson, Finney and Powell is not enough offense to get it done in the final stretch. It is like 2 playing against 5.

    4) Brunson is a turnover machine right now, there is actually little to no harm seeing what Tyrel Terry can do, Brunson has been that bad at on ball . And Yet Carlisle continues to allow him to play on ball.

    5) Either give Kleber 30 minutes a game or trade him, he is too valuable a piece to be backing up someone as craptastic as Powell.

    6) I swear to god if KP comes back and our starting rotation is Luka, Josh Richardson, Finney, Powell and KP then Carlisle should be fired the next day. THJ is our 2nd best scorer, and Finney and Powell are net negatives, this team needs offense and benching THJ is beyond stupid.

    7) Losing the way we are losing is unacceptable!

  4. The Bulls are about 3 moves away from the 8th seed damn I can't believe how far they are away from that Jimmy Butler Drose team competing for the east.

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