Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins' controversial Dunk Contest finish needs a deep rewind

In the mid-1980s, Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins had simultaneous rivalries. Both were friendly, and both shifted over time. The first rivalry came from …



  1. You could argue that Dominique's final dunk score of 45 was weak, but his previous dunk score of 50 was a joke. A one-handed windmill from the side that was not clean at all. It rattled around the rim, and he messed up his jump as well. He was off-balance, and it was just ugly. Powerful, but ugly. That did not deserve a 50.

  2. I didn't know that MJ already did that Free Throw dunk back in '85, '87 and in the 1st round of '88. And for the 4th time, as his final dunk in '88. As much as I love that iconic dunk (and being an MJ fan) seeing that dunk for the 4th time might not merit a score of 50. Dominic Wilkins should have been the winner imho.

  3. When it comes to sports content the series that you guys do a moment in history by far is one of my favorite segments thank you for keeping me entertained during these troubled times I appreciate your hard work thank you

  4. JORDAN lost. Even his signature dunk was a copy cat of Dr. J and Sampson and a repeat he did in previous contests. Wilkins 45 for a baseline 2 handed windmill was at least a 47. The idolizing of Jordan is stupid. I would rather hear about how JORDAN spends hundreds of millions in helping disadvantaged communities. Wouldn't that be nice:))

  5. Did you really say MJ had 2 dunks that were similar but made no mention of the 2 exact same windmill dunks from Domonique with the only difference being one was from the front and the other from the side. How on earth did he even get a 50 with the same dunk he had previously just got a 49 for doing? He deserved that 45 because as far as skill it was fantastic, but from a creativity point of view it was more same ol same ol. To say that the free throw dunk had been done before is ignorant. How many windmills, 1 handed and 2 handed had been seen over the years. The list is long. To say that Ralph Sampson dunked from the free throw line or to even put it in the same class as the very short list of players who actually did take off from the free throw lines tells me that you might have yourself a future if you apply for a job to share your version of the real stories at Fox News. How did you get this gig, do mom and dad own all of the video equipment.

  6. I remember that dunk competition. They were giving high scores to Dominique Wilkins no matter what he dunked. And the two-handed windmill is easier than a one-handed windmill. If you've ever played on Jam courts you would know that. The crowd was booing because the judges for giving Dominique high scores through most of the dunk competition. Anybody can say whatever they want but unless you watched it yourself, you don't know.

  7. I still thought Wilkins won it – I had my money on ‘Nique up until I saw who the judges were…this and the 2020 robbery should make the NBA change the rules for picking the contest judges. I feel that if the contest is being held in a particular city and/or state (let’s use Chicago as an example, shall we? 😂) and someone with direct ties to that host city is competing, then NO ONE with ties to that city should be judging! Gayle Sayers, a former Chicago Bears star, and Tom Hawkins, a Chicago native, shouldn’t have been judging in the ‘88 contest.

    Also, NO ONE should be judging if they have any other ties to a team who has someone competing..e.g. D-Wade, a former Miami Heat star, shouldn’t have been judging the 2020 contest due to Derrick Jones Jr., a Miami Heat player, was competing….

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