Michael Jordan, The Bulls 72-10 Record During NBA Expansion Was Garbage!!!

Michael Jordan is Overrated in every way…Even the Year the Bulls won 72 games was …



  1. The celtics couldn't beat the watered down Hornets. The Jordan Rules only came into being because Michael Jordan was overrated right? Kobe Bryant copied who? McHale was ushered into retirement by that watered down Hornets team correct?

  2. lebron James the goat, mj faced the Suns,utah 2x,lakers in magic last season in 91, supersonics, and portland

    lebron faced mavs, spurs 3x, okc, gsw2x.

    golden state and spurs cavs are better then all those teams and okc was jus as good even the clippers are better than thos teams there are better teams the super sonic and utah were the best teams he faced they would be a 4th, 5th seed maybe 6 with no way of beating golden state or san Antonio or cavs
    last point if lebron carried team to finals imagine if he played with kawhi leonard and a ben wallace dats the equivalent of pippen rodman imagine if had them in his early years he would have 7 rings already

    point 2 he could only make it to the finals once bird got old magic and bird ruled the league until father time caught up with them while lebron on his lonesome 3rd season made it

    point 3 bulls won 55 games without jordan, every team lebron leaves becomes trash
    point 4 michael jordan had nobody at his position except Clyde and joe dumsars and a few good small forwards the only thing his era had was better centers now he would have to face better more versatile players like james harden, kawhi leonard, klay thompson, damar derozen, dwade, paul george, jimmy butler, draymond green, kd, giannis anyenkonnbo, melo, lebron etc now u even got skilled bigs dat could check guards anthony davis, draymond, blake griffin, karl anthony towns and lets no mention point guards Russell Westbrook, steph curry, kyrie, dlillard, chris paul, john wall, kyle lowry, Isaiah Thomas, kemba walker, drose, rondo, Tony parker, mike conley etc
    bulls are overrated mj had a easier path cavs would crush them lebron tho hes not by his self he definitely is the one who has to play above great for his team to win lets be honestly after heat first season he carried the w/ bosh constant injurys and dwade playing very inconsistent still he has to face these unreal teams

  3. What about a year later when they won 69 games in '97???
    Watch the games where Isiah Thomas and Chuck Daly where commentators when Jordan was playing. Thomas said,
    "Nobody actually realize how strong Michael is… no matter what we did in the Pistons years, he just kept coming"
    "He is the only player I knew who has NO WEAKNESS. He can shoot. We all know he can jump. Chuck puts me on him and he'll hit a jump shot. When he's guarded by Rodman, he'll beat him on the dribble".
    You talk only about the 72 wins which I think is the basis of your whining moments. So let's check what the '96 bulls was really about beside that historical win:
    Jordan : season, all-star game and finals MVP
    Best defensive 1st team
    Best scoring title
    Pippen: Best defensive 1st team
    Rodman:Best defensive 1st team
    Rebounding title
    Jackson: coach of the year
    Kukoc: 6th Man of the year
    Kerr: All-Star 3 point Champion

    Take away that 72 wins from the discussion and tell me that there's a team who even got close to these achievements in one season in the NBA's long history.

  4. This guy is so wrong it's not even funny.  From 68-74 there were NINE EXPANSION TEAMS.  I guess he forgot to fact check before he made this stupid little video.  

    Back then in order to complete an 82 game season you would have to face the same teams more often because their weren't as many teams.  So, the teams he referenced would be playing 9 teams within 6 years of inception at least 3-6 times a season.  Yeah, talk about cupcakes.  

  5. Okay time out bruh. I agree that saying Jordan is the best ever is a stretch because u also have Oscar Robertson, Wilt, Kareem, etc. But Kobe Bryant? U hate Jordan but love Kobe? Huh? That's like saying Biggie Smalls was garbage but Jay-Z is the best even though 71% of his lyrics are biggie's. You've got level (A) players & you've got level (B) players. Kobe is a level (C+) player. If he was never traded to the Lakers how many rings would he have? Kobe is garbage

  6. Bro your analogy is terrible altogether. Jordan played alongside and full on "defeated" THE best lineup in NBA history as far as players go such as John Stockton with Karl Malone and the Jazz, Shaq was around. Kobe was around. Doc Rivers with the Celtics, Hakeem Olajuwon, Ralph Sampson, Charles Barkley, David Robinson, Penny Hardaway, Clyde Drexler and Dominique Wilkins was around for hell's sake when he played, Kevin Garnett, Jason Kidd, Allen Iverson, Patrick Ewing, along with many others. Are you saying this lineup is cupcake? With the teams they had? You need to lay off Kobe's dick.

  7. Also there was a shortened 3 point line in 95-96 and 96-97 seasons.  Everybody had the shortened line, but the Bulls' top two scorers (Jordan and Pippen) were perimeter players who both were below average 3 point shooters.  Then with the 3 point line shortened, both Jordan and Pippen had career highs in 3P% and 3 pointers made.  The Bulls went from being 8th in 3P% in the league to being 3rd in the league, showing that the Bulls benefited significantly from it.  In 97-98 season, they put the line back to normal and the Bulls record dropped from 69 wins to 62 wins and Jordan's 3P% dropping from 37% to 24%…

  8. This video is so retarded. By your "logic"…
    1967 Sixers record (68-13) is also "overrated,"…loaded team (Wilt, Cunningham, Greer, Walker, et al) and it being an expansion year (33-48 Chicago Bulls added, who PHI played 9 times, winning 8).
    1972 Lakers' record (69-13) is also "overrated": stacked team (Wilt, West, Goodrich, Hairston, et al) who regularly beat up on recently added teams also (18-64 Blazers, 22-60 Buffalo Braves, 23-59 Cavs).
    Expansion argument = FAIL
    MJ = GOAT

  9. OMG what an idiot!!! HAND CHECKING was removed in 2005 you idiot.
    Phil Jackson:Michael Jordan would average 45 a game if he played today.
    By the sound of your voice you should seek professional help you take this way to seriously I pity you.

  10. ok, so this cat ain't particularly eloquent, but I tell you one thing: he's right on the money on a number of points. Pippen's wimpness at times, true. Starks was a CBA reject, you're talking about the weakest, most diluted, talent-wise era of the league's history. That 72 win Bulls team would have been smoked, man, and I mean SMOKED by the 1972 Lakers with Wilt (what in the hell would that Bulls team have done about Wilt? Answer? Nothing, LOL…), even the Champion Knicks teams would have won

  11. well saying jordan is the greatest or his Bulls were the greatest is just an OPINION..but yeah 100% that every NBA fan will agree that all his videos are stupid not just this one.

  12. When AI scored 44PTS, Jordan only played 30MIN in the whole game, still scoring 30PTS (Bulls won by a margin of 26PTS) AND it was Ron Harper/Kerr who guarded Iverson most of the time…

    /watch? v=QyoEW3D9gE8

    The final score:
    Chicago: 128; Philadelphia: 102

    Back to school young fella!

  13. Are you expecting Jordan to take the Bulls into playoffs w/ Corzine, Wes Matthews, Orlando Woolridge, and Dave Greenwood…

    Wait, he already did that every season before Bulls drafted Pippen!

    Plus, Jordan averaged 5.4AST, before he got Pippen.

  14. The great players took thier teams to the playoffs thier first year . Jordan ball hogged his first year because Nike was more important than the Bulls !

  15. Expansion also kept at least 30 scrubs in the NBA that would not have even been in the league . The bulls added key players while the other great teams got old or lost key players to expansion !

  16. Jordan is the greatest player of all time I'm sure 90% of NBA fans would agree this video is stupid. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and look up Kobe videos on youtube of him fighting, looks weak. Jordan greatest of all time, Jordan's Bulls greatest team of all time.

  17. About this 98 finals: Bulls committed 22 personal fouls per game (PF); Jazz, 25.3 PF. The biggest difference was the FT%, which Jazz were terrible! Thus, the humiliation in the third game was memorable; Jazz got destroyed 96-54 (while they committed 28 fouls)! In game 6, Jazz took a few shot clock violations.

    Fraud again? What about Bucks-Sixers (2001), Bulls-Celtics (2009), Jeff Van Gundy vs Cuban (2005), Lakers-Kings (2002)? The list goes on. Who give a * about these idiocies?

  18. There is no difference between a garbage team who is sub .300 and an expansion team who is sub .300. These teams suck; end of story! In fact, there are as many sub .300 teams today than it was in the 90s. Your argument is invalid. The worst dynasty in those eras is, by far, the Charlotte Bobcats.

    Your whole point is irrelevant!

  19. game 6 1998 finals was rigged . who aint know that ? Even Bulls fans know that. even Jordan fans know that. A Former Ref said In the 90s every ref had a favorite , MJ WAS THERE FAVORITE ,Everybody Knows mafias was part of it. Jordan was getting them millions of dollars. So why would they ever let him Lose. watch the game, put all the pieces together. Pippen is injured. ROdman Held Malone Every game,No calls. A 3 point shot that was clearly a 2. The List goes on

  20. So nothing of Mj was rigged ? Sure about that ? Jordan traveled so many time. even bums travel & they dont call it. its a big difference garbage teams & expansions teams. Even Larry bird , kevin mchale , Julius Erving , * Bill walton Said thats the reason they got their 72 games. Expansions teams mess up the league .

  21. Every decade, there was garbage teams:

    In the 60/70s: 25% of the league played under .400 ('72, it was 35%)
    In the 80s: 26% of the league played under .400.
    In the 90s: 27.5% of the league played under .400.
    Now, 27% of the league played under .400.

    You want to talk about Rigg? Remember the Lakers/Kings scandal a few years ago (Tim Donaghy)? Remember the '06 Finals? Or Lebron and his ''traveling'' habits… There are scandals in every decade (but rigg???). Jordan's haters are blinded.

  22. Let's see how many teams played under .400 now and in the 90s.

    – 7.9 teams played below .400 on average from 2000 to 2013 (11 teams are below .400 in 2013)!

    99=7 teams; 98=8 teams; 97=9 teams; 96=7 teams; 95=8 teams; 94=9 teams; 93=7 teams; 92=8 teams; 91=10 teams; 90=8 teams.

    – 8.1 teams played below .400 on average from 1990 to 1999.

    So, there were as many bad teams today than it was in the 90s (a big difference of 0.2 teams per year) … Plus, there weren't Bobcats' teams in the 90s.

  23. Lebron went to the finals without a rigged season. Jordan was great no doubt , but his TRUE SKILLS Was in the 80s & his 3 college years. Jordan got the nba alot of Money in the 90s. So if jordan aint make the finals nba would lose Money.& then there is the expansion era.lebron took his 66-16 without expansions teams. the Lakers won 33 games in a row how ? expansions teams. Ever watch ESPN When the athletes or coach say at the end of the day its all business, but not all games is rigged

  24. in the 80s nba was popular . At the End of the Day NBA Is business & entertainment . Like the WWE. Since Bird & Magic was getting washed in the 80s NBA Ratings Dropped down 30% in between 1987-1989. So they had to make it entertaining, They picked Jordan to be the face & make them money . Ratings & money wise went a big 30-65 percent. 90s was Rigged ,even jordan & buls fans know it. When they didnt rigg it Cavs was vs the Spurs which brung the ratings down .

  25. If the NBA wanted Jordan to score easily. Why Jordan scored more points in the 80s? Why Jordan shooting% was better in the 80s? Why Jordan had better AST in the 80s? Why Jordan had more TRB in the 80s? Why, between 1991 and 1998, all NBA teams stats (PPG) dropped significantly?

    1- Hand-checking was still tolerated; 2- Flagrant foul? How many flagrant fouls were called in the 90s/00s? In fact, there is more flagrant fouls, technical fouls called in today's game than it used to be back then.

  26. Physical players from the late 80s to 90s:

    Miller, Maxwell, Rollins, Larry Johnson, Joe Dumars, Robinson, O'Neal, Mutumbo, Mahorn, Mark Eaton, McHale, Isiah Thomas, Charles Oakley, Olajuwon, Karl Malone, Dennis Rodman, Ewing, Sir Charles, Bird (most complete player to have laces shoes), Moses Malone, Bill Laimbeer, Shawn Kemp, Alonzo Mourning, Gary Payton, Anthony Mason, John Starks, Doc Rivers, Duckworth, Stockton (w/ his famous screens), etc.

    These guys would be ejected in today's game.

  27. Jordan had to wear a mouth piece when he played the Pistons… hello earth! He never did when he played ''normal'' teams.

    Chamberlain's era physical? Don't make me laught. The only thing they did was running back and forth (fast-break). How could the run-and-gun system be physical?

    How could this era be tough when (from 1960 to 1969), defense allowed 116PPG in AVERAGE?

    – In the 60s: referees called 26.2PF/G;
    – In the 90s: only 21.4PF/G.

  28. Wasnt that physical! they were tought. jordan & pippen were just cry babys. & that team was not the most physical team that played. Wilt chamberlain played with no flagrant fouls and such. one game a gut knocked both his teeth out blood was on the floor. no foul was called. thats PHYSICAL ! they changed rules to try to stop Wilt. for jordan they changed rules to make him look better. 90s bulls the reason why we have flagrant calls and pussy fouls

  29. Bulls starting lineups was sh*t in the 80s : How could Jordan win rings w/ Oak, Corzine, Paxton, Banks as starters (it was probably the best starting lineups Jordan had before Pippen got drafted)?

    Anyway, Pistons defense was the most physical team on history (according to every analyst, fan). Could you see a team more physical than the Bad Boys' Pistons today (AKA the sissy era)? Still, Jordan penetrated w/ ease and scored many points against them.

  30. The 3 points line was shortened during the 1994–95, 1995–96, and 1996–97 seasons ONLY!

    In the 80s, MJ averaged 32.8PPG (best scorer in the 80s), ranked 31st in AST. And, among guards, only Magic and Fat Lever took more rebounds per game than him. He won rookie of the year, NBA MVP, All-star MVP and DPOY w/out quality starters…


  31. Na they did. Even Bulls fan say & i know a couple of people that watched MJ & they said they made it easier for him.they even shortened the 3 pt line. but believe what you want. Go look at what he did in the 80s. he aint do shit cause it was physical , to physical. A Former Ref said Jordan & Pippen couldnt take the pain, so 1990-1991 , flagrant fouls came. you couldnt even touch them

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