Michael Jordan Wearing The Air Jordan 5! Metallic Silver (Raw Highlights)

Michael Jordan debuted the Black/Metallic Silver Air Jordan 5 in the 1990 NBA All Star Game, and wore them for the entire 1990 Playoff run. Special Thanks: …



  1. Ay, how come dude in the red and white striped shirt on that Michael Jordan's Playground video look like a young Kobe? Watch that joint again and tell me he don't look like a young Kobe lol. It's eerie when you think about it too.

  2. Awesome upload and commentary! MJ was a beast this year but somehow this ‘90 team was not as balanced as the ‘89 team, which did win in Detroit in game 1. Even if the Bulls would have won game 7, Portland was a matchup nightmare…that would be a tough series to win.

  3. 1990 Jordan may have been his best playoffs ever. And he was one victory against Detroit from the Finals and probably his first championship

  4. To be honest these joints were the first Jordans I envied but eventually I got the concords 11 as my first pair of Jordans…but I will grab this pair sooner😊

  5. ESSENTIAL JORDAN is the Chronicles of Judah 144 of these Jordan highlights/commentaries "Aigh't man peace!" Was waiting for this one…..

  6. Playoff Jordan is just another level! You can see how it turns on the switch and leaves nothing on the floor.

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