1. Exact reason why some of you all are not GM. We don't want no Aging overpayed point guard for 32 million. Dump him off on someone else. Making a trade works. And I never wanna see D Rose(injured or non-injured backing up Coby White. He's nothing special.

  2. Lonzo can't shoot. Lonzo and Kris Dunn are virtually statistically the same. Lonzo shoots 41% from the free-throw line. if you can't figure out how to win with Lebron James then how much impact do you really think he would have on the Bulls. No to Lonzo.

  3. just draft coby white sign drose for 3yrs Dunn contract is up after da season if he doesn't pan out just let him go and start white for da future and let rose mentor him

  4. It's not up to the Bulls to trade for Lonzo, it's all on the Lakers. U know they r trying to use him in trade packages. So until A.Davis, K.Leonard n K.Irving r all off the board, then the Lakers will be open to a trade including just Lonzo. Tho the draft will tell us a lot if the Lakers go PG, then they can trade for our pick and offer that for whatever deal they trying to do. Regardless I would keep the pick unless the Lakers take on a bad contract from us like Felicio than I'm good all day with Lonzo and adding a good FA!

  5. I’d take Lonzo and trade are pick ,what do we gotta loose anyways? Lonzo is so underrated and people criticize his lack of offensives skills but yet to realize that he’s still young and has a lot of room to grow , let the kid get his feet wet and get a feel for a new system and a fresh start

  6. Bulls should trade Dunn with a few secondrounders for lonzo I wouldn’t trade the 7th for any veteran id be fine with getting lonzo but if we trade 7th for lonzo we better ship felicio contract out with it

  7. Lonzo the dude who played most minutes in lakers and drop 4 points average, yeah even dunn is way better. And people who say lonzo is 'pass first' can go suck my 10' . Literally plays hero ball with no talent whatsoever. 'He is so good defender' nigga plz.

  8. Who wants lonzo have not seen ANY game of lakers for 2 years. And those who have know he sucks, yes even dunn is way better. Just pick coby white (yes already better than lonzo) and get rose & lopez with vet min deals. We would be good till next trade deadline.

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