1. I rarely ever missed a Bulls game from 1987-98. The Scottie Pippen lead 1993-94 season was a hell of a season.
    Without Jordan, they were still a championship caliber contender and only lost 2 more regular season games than the prior season with Jordan. Pip missed most of the first month of the season after the first game of the season opener against Charlotte in October. With that said, had pip not been injured the first month, the Bulls most likely would of won 60 and actually improved the number of wins from the prior season with Jordan.
    This game that's posted above is right in the middle of one of the Bulls Ten game win streaks. They had a couple 10 game win streaks that season.
    Pip had an MVP type seasons in 1994,95 and 96.
    Had it not been for one of the worst foul calls whistled by Hue Hollins at the end of game 5 at MSG in the conf semifinals against the Knicks, the Bulls would of made it to the finals and possible beat Houston for a 4th straight title. After the game 5 bullshit foul call in game 5 that cost the Bulls the game 5 win, the Bulls came back in game 6 at the Chicago Stadium, and totally blew out and dismantled the Knicks. Had it not been for Hue Hollins in game 5, the Bulls would of ended the series in that game 6 Asswooping of the Knicks and game 7 at MSG would of been erased from history. (gm6 is the game Pippen Dunked on Ewing and knocked him to the floor, LOL)
    The Bulls would of went on to face the Pacers in the conference finals, and the Bulls would of had Home Court advantage against the Pacers and logically beat the Pacers. In the 93-94 season, the Bulls owned the Pacers during the reg season.
    I'll never forget Reggie Millers premature bow to the Bulls fans at the Old Chicago Stadium. Right after his bow, with a second left in the game, Tony hit the game winner and Reggie looked dumb as Hell, LOL……
    Sorry for my long comment, but again, but the 93-94 Bulls was one of my favorite squads of all time. They proved alot of experts wrong and shut alot of doubters mouths……….Tex Winter in an interview said that the 93-94 Bulls ran the triangle offense more effectively than any of the previous Bulls teams even with Jordan.
    And defensively, the 93-94 were still in the top 2 defensive teams in the league.
    I feel Pippen got robbed of the league MVP award. Hakeem had a great season, but his team didnt lose the greatest player to ever play the game in Jordan like Pippen did. The shoes pippen had to put on and how Pippen lead and kept this team still in contention for a championship in 93-94 was nothing less than an MVP caliber season, and he deserved it more than Hakeem.
    Even thought he didnt get the MVP award, at least he did win the Allstar Game MVP.
    Magic Johnson who was a commentator during the 1994 Allstar team said it best when he said and I quote, "Scottie is a beautiful Basketball player" PERiOD..
    Pip excelled in every statistical basketball catagory.
    Best all around player of all time in my opinion. He made the game easier for his teammates, including Jordan.
    Jordan may have been the flashy star, but Pippen was the glue and engine that made the Bulls function properly, and that is the stuff championships are made of……
    Without Scottie Pippen, The Bulls do NOT win 6 championships.
    End of story.
    Have a nice day.😏

  2. I came here looking for Johnny Kilroy dunking over Alonzo Mourning. lol. EDIT: The dunk in reality was a none dunk. It's at the 1:27:42 (replay at 1:28:32). Horace tries to dunk it but he misses it. The commentators think he was fouled. What a beautiful piece of trivia.

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