RAPTORS at BULLS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | March 14, 2021 The Chicago Bulls defeated the Toronto Raptors, 118-95. Patrick Williams put up a …



  1. My boy Patrick deserve this πŸ’ͺ🏾 i went to West Charlotte High School with bro the whole 4 years man glad to see a my boy make it big time who come from the same city, school all that. All love my guy πŸ’―

  2. I listen to the bulls games on mute. The announcer is annoying as fuck. Fuck… I’m from Chicago I want to hear the game.

  3. Refs might as well have time dedicated before the game starts to eject and tech any player they don't like that night so we can get passed the bullshit before the game starts.

  4. This one gets an asterisk. We didn't beat the real Raptors, but a win was needed. We shouldn't lose 12 straight to anybody.

    Who has the better "bang, bang, bang"? The late John Witherspoon, or our Stacey King?

  5. Patriots….the NBA/WNBA has been transformed into a political action committee by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver (Democrat) campaigning for Joe Biden. *****BOYCOTT*****In addition, the following companies fund raised and worked on behalf of Joe Biden, campaigned for the Democrat party, BLM and other Black organizations. Boycott–NBA, WNBA, Verizon, State Farm insurance, Subway, ESPN, Sonic, Facebook, Twitter, Google, US Bank, TNT, Best Buy, Wayfair, Kohls, Cigna, and Teachers Unions.

  6. Nba achieving its diabolic plan to make sure Raptors doesn't make the playoffs. How can make them play when major players are missing due to covid protocol, instead treating them like how other teams are treated

  7. As if the Baby Zebras ejected Lowry for soft tossing the ball down court after his team called a timeout (tossed the ball in the area we get to inbound the ball from after the timeout) so sick of the NBA. I mean if any other team in the league is missing a min 2 starters due to covid ( Raptors 3) they would have ppd games. Only the raptors have been forced to play multiple contest with 3 starters out for covid protocols. Toronto has fallen from 4th to 11th since losing it's starters and having to field a G League roster to compete against NBA players and zebras

  8. Ill be happy when I see a picture of Kawhi and Pat working out together during the off-season. Still crazy to think he's only 19.

  9. Not bad, Patrick Williams, not bad at all.

    BTW: I just caught a small glimpse of the text box @ 9:38 — this was Chicago's first win against Toronto since Valentine's Day '17…over 4 years?! That has got to be a lie, lol…

  10. Patrick Williams could easily do this every night if he plays this aggressive. Youngest player in the league and is already bullying everyone

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