Ron Harper (36pts/10rebs/6asts/4blks) vs. Bulls (1989)

Ron Harper takes on the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan in the season opener without the help of injured Brad Daugherty, Mark Price, Larry Nance and Chris …



  1. If Harper wouldn’t have been fucking around with Wayne’s (the GM) daughter, and Mark Price wouldn’t have tore his ACL, this Cavs lineup would have won Championships. Instead he got traded for Danny fucking Ferry and they never did shit, but lose to Jordan every damn time in the playoffs. When healthy, this Cavs team with Harper, Price, Nance, Brad, Hot Rod, Ehlo and Kerr in the regular season dominated Chicago, but as we know, regular season doesn’t mean shit….and then there was the shot….and then Harper was traded away to Clippers and the rest is history….Cavaliers 2016 champs coming back down 3-1 from Warriors….never forget.

  2. You could hear the entire city of Chicago groan whenever Ron Haper came to town. Ron Harper gave MJ all he could handle.

    If Ron Harper didn't get injured, the Bulls don't make it out of the East 6 times.

    Dumbest thing the Cavs did was break up that team. I was happy they did, but it was dumb as hell.

  3. First time I saw harp play I was 10 and his Miami of Ohio team came to Richmond, Kentucky to play Eastern Kentucky University. I remember my dad saying watch Harper he’s supposed to be really good. After that he was my favorite player and followed him religiously throughout his career. I remember grabbing #4 jersey in middle school and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Harp!!!!!

  4. Wow Jordan Pippen Kerr a Harper on the same floor but playing against each other who would have known they would all be part of one of the best teams in NBA history

  5. Ron Harper was so nasty prior to his knee reconstruction, he and Mike had more than 1 great dual. Mike respected his game so much, that he had a friendship with him that lasts to this day. That wasn't normal for Mike. That's how badd Ron Harper was!

  6. You can't speak the logic of basketball to this new generation just taking a trip down memory lane again and seeing ron Harper before he got hurt just show how gifted he was this was against mike and he was young for people who State mike destroyed the league I feel that is such a disrespectful answer and seems like it always comes out the mouth of people that ain't really watch the game or just one tracked with their brain see playing against Jordan was like the majority of the boxers fighting against Tyson they feared him so the fight was over before it even got started but then there was the few that hit back and ron Harper was one drexler Richmond mad max you had your boys that took no mess and got with Mike so mike had respect for them he wanted that type of heart on his team even with bad knees mike knew with ron Harper on the other wing with him he couldn't get the full package of ron Harper but he was going to get at least 50 percent of the games where Ron will give you the real deal but his defense going be there all nite long and the funny thing is I'm not even a bulls fan I roll with Milwaukee so Chicago was thee rival but you couldn't help but to notice Chicago stroke of genius then adding Rodman for Perdue and before everyone say the nba was cheating for Chicago for us that remember San Antonio had Rodman on the market for a while and no team bit because of Rodman run in with spurs captain David Robinson calling him soft so he was labeled a cancer in the locker room and simply uncontrollable which Chicago dip there cookies in the milk and was a perfect fit from day one another player with the heart of Jordan on the defensive end that's why I say they was the greatest team in nba history you only can shoot the ball if players give you open looks all day but the question is what can your championship team do if they smothered all day press and aggravated so that's your answered for anyone who believe the warriors can beat Chicago that's a sweep because people don't realize you cut the head off the body and the body would drop that's the point guard for folks that don't know that term Steph curry is a great scoring point guard but not a true point guard he can be pressured and that's all folks remember patrick Beverley how about Chris Paul but this mike scottie ron and sometimes Dennis bigger defenders that's quick as a guard man people don't look at logic they just speak in the moments.

  7. This proves the Jordan bulls were stacked. Harper, Rodman, pippen with kukoc off the bench. Both the east and west were weak. That is why Jordan isn’t the goat.

  8. Sweet game, before the injuries. On the Bulls, he was the perfect complement to MJ and Scottie, esp on defense. Those three were all 6'6 and above, allowing for defensive rotations without compromise.

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