Scottie Pippen Introduced in Return to the Chicago Bulls (October 29, 2003)

First game of the Chicago Bulls’ 2003-04 regular season. Includes full team introduction, starting lineup, opening tip and the Bulls’ initial possession.



  1. So nobody is going to pay attention to how he Said 6'8 guard from Michigan, and Jamal Crawford gets up and goes to the floor but it was for Jalen rose..不不不 Jamal 6'5 he said 6'8 yea he was smoking something..pre game..不不

  2. 4:52 LOL the Jamal Crawford confusion, on the Jalen Rose announcement. LMFAO: when both your guards are from the same place. Good thing they have different heights.
    The PA Anouncer fixed it, on the next call, by saying the height, first. LOL.

  3. Bulls fans were much more hyped for the 03-04 Bulls than for the 19-20 squad. Interesting roster with Pip, Jalen, Kendall, Kirk, Jamal and the young bigs.

  4. Damn it just wasnt the same. No Jordan to score and partner TO score. No Rodman for rebounds and D. No Kerr for outside dominance. The lineup by 2003-2004 was utter trash compared to the 97-98 lineup.

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