1. Its funny how ppl say the Bulls don't need anymore SG because we have Zach and White, but the Bulls just signed a SG named Max Strus ..Hmm let that sink in!

  2. I agree with everything you said about Lauri, Zach and Otto..I think those are the issues along with the injuries that are holding them back & are causing them to lose the games that they've lost.. especially last season & even some of the preseason games………And yeah I know preseason doesn't count but its still relevant..
    Also, i think what the bulls are missing are a few SG, we also have no SF that's skilled enough and not enough defensive PF that can dominate in the paint.. We need someone with a winning mentality that can lead the pack..

  3. Swaggy i like where this team is headed it looks as if they finally get it together a good mix of vets and youth coby white is going to be a stud in this league.

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