Should The Chicago Bulls Hire David Fizdale?

Should The Chicago Bulls Hire David Fizdale?


  1. How many Knicks games have you seen? 2? I have seen allmost every game of Fiz and all i can tell is tht this man is bum. Develop young players.. like who? Mich Robinson is same as last year, still way to many stupid fouls, low iq plays. Knox is out of starting 5, okei, team is better but Knox looks like random dude who shoots 2-4 3p and tht's it. Trier does not even play. RJ plays like 45min. every game-roadmap of hittin tht rookiewall with 3 month. He's got like 3 plays total. this man is trash. Belive me, am a Knicks fan.

  2. As a knicks fan who accidentally came across this video, you guys do not want Fizdale. A great guy and the players love him but as for X’s and O’s he’s not it. The roster construction wasn’t great but Fizdale did nothing to help his own situation. How can you argue that he’s a good coach when the only player he’s developed was Frank where he was literally forced to play him due to injuries at the 1. Why are we playing lineups with a mixture of randle, Morris, Portis? Why play a backcourt of Payton and DSJ? Why relegate shooters like Dotson and trier to the bench for much of the season? Not only were substitutions awful but the offense which consisted of Randle iso from the 3, east to west passing with no purpose until someone is forced to iso, and dribble handoffs at the top of the key. Defensively, why are we packing the paint to shut it down but leave teams wide open for 3 in today’s modern NBA? Why are we switching literally everything with our personnel? This isn’t personal opinion, anybody who’s actually consistently watched the Knicks (nobody but die hard fans) will tell you this.

  3. I don’t think you’ve ever watched a David Fizdale coached team. He has no system and no solid rotation. Memphis and Knicks fans complaints about Fizdale are all the same. Delete this video, lol

  4. Can’t stand Gar and Pax they shouldn’t be in charge of a damn concession stand let alone a front office. Boylin is a bench coach not a head coach. Don’t like him don’t like his coaching either.

  5. Yo I think upstairs is the one got Jim in there so they can buy time now you said let's bring David in that means we still got the same people upstairs then I say no go bulls 🏀 💪 💯

  6. I agree I think Fiz is a great hire cause his reputation is very positive and strong around the league and he has a track record of developing talent which the Bulls have the right mix of Veterans and young guys but they aren't being utilized correctly and it's still very early in the season where we can gain some traction and be competitive cause the east ain't that strong other than the Celtics Bucks Sixers Pacers and Heat

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