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  1. There it goes again, a guy has a bad game, next thing you know people criticize him. I don't think many people criticizing him truly understand the game of basketball. You guys must be crazy not seeing what he's been doing this far given the fact that he's playing off the ball and not handling it. You guys always quick to batch players over one game. Go to work and do your job well everyday… people have bad days, even all of you. That also includes every basketball player who's ever played.

  2. Not a Spurs fan but itโ€™s good to see them playing like old times,nba just isnt the same without their boring style of play

  3. No. I'm 65 now and have been a Lakers fan for 58 years. I suffered through the '60s turmoil of being defeated by the Celtics constantly and cried when they finally won it.

  4. 2 things:

    Where the Fuck are the DeRozan highlights. Dude had 19 points!

    AND WHY THE FUCK DOES LEBRON CONTINUE TO GET AWAY WITH THAT OFFENSIVE WRAP AROUND ARM AGAINST DEJOUNTE MURRAY? NBA is trash with that shit. So rigged and Spurs still beat that ass! League is so rigged.

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