The Bulls DRAFTED WHO?!?!?!?!?

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  1. Why do the Bulls have to trade Sach if Coby turns out good? And do the Bulls have to trade Lauri if Patrick turns out good? Why can’t the just find a way to work around each other

  2. Bad draft picks and no real free agents came over 🤣😭 just do a video with the bulls in the lotto because that's where they are headed.

  3. Williams could easily end up as the draft's best SF and a nice value at #4. If GS did the right thing and took the Bulls deal, they coulda had a great young Center for super cheap and also legit replaced Klay by drafting Williams, Okoro, Vassell etc with #4 pick. But Myers and GS suck at drafting since Jerry West left and this year was no exception making it the 3rd straight shitty draft for GS

  4. I'm happy with the pick, new to the channel. I see the potential, 19yrs old very high ceiling. Yes not a household name but will be. There was really no consensus overall, this draft was a crap shoot. I believe this kid has a lot of upside.

  5. Detroit was going to take him, therefore meaning we couldn't trade down – I'd remove this video as you don't sound particularly intelligent

  6. To be honest, it's a good fit. Plus no one past the 3rd pick looked like a needle mover and that's what y'all need imo. Now there's space for your other young players to develop and Patrick can do the dirty work no one wants to do. Also y'all need to give Daniel Gafford more minutes and fire your coach.

  7. So you saying Deni is better than Patrick. I don't think so, Deni cannot shoot free throws do not have a consistent jump shot and that is not a good defender. On a small sample size Patrick Williams free throw percentage is 83%, Deni free throw percentage is 53%,and if you want to go there and say he came off the bench. And we could have got Devin Verssall. He Only average 12 points a game and Patrick Williams average 9 points a game coming off the bench. (3pts) what a big difference. And if you say the Bulls could have drafted Isaac okoro he's a great defender. But he can't shoot a lick. And he average around 4 rebounds a game Patrick Williams average 4 rebounds a game coming off the bench. So who in the hell the Bulls supposed to draft a point guard we already have one of those, and don't talk about trading up for the lamelo ball kid that kid can't play defense and can't shoot. We needed a small forward and we drafted one. I want trade down for none of those pics. And Patrick Williams was not a (Reach) I think the Bulls did their homework. Some of these YouTube analysts need do their homework and really try to scout. And stop stats watching and watching ESPN's big board. Not talking about you Rusty. You said you don't watch college basketball and you're not a scout, I respect that. All the shit I see is just opinions. But don't hate on the Bulls for drafting Patrick Williams when Pat start giving your favorite team buckets.#BullsNation we #SeeRed, and I'm out! Rusty stop being so goddamn angry. We are bulls fans Not New York Knicks fans.

  8. Patrick Williams is going to surprise all of you big name band wagon riders. Go look up his videos. Give the man a chance before you start Hating.

  9. The bulls should’ve took Halliburton and moved White to the 2, move Zach to the 3 and ran the same OKC line up Donovan did with SGA/CP3/and Dennis.

  10. As a Finn I love seeing Markkanen's jersey on your wall. I hope the Bulls with their new front office and coach will use Lauri's abilities a bit more in the offencce than just keep him behind the line in the corner.

  11. Derty Jardin you must know this kid personally to have his pom poms on. I tried looking for a highlight from this dude and i still can't find one… it's saturday!!!! a good workout and a great dinner doesn't mean you get drafted 4th. Chicago has absolutely the worst picks since the 90's. The only pick they made which impacted any roster was derrick rose. PERIOD!!!! It's so hard to be a bulls fan with an incompetent front office like we have.

  12. This dude is literally is the poster child of brain dead, surface-level Bulls fans. Dude doesn’t know AK’s name, hasn’t watched Pat Williams play in college, and makes garbage take after garbage take. Yikes.

  13. He’s not a fucking PF… get it through your thick ass skulls. He can dribble, pass, shoot on the perimeter and defends 1-4 which is what every good defensive wing can do. Trash take that I keep seeing made.

  14. AK was responsible for pulling together a solid foundation. That's what the Bulls need. You generalize a LOT and you gotta relax. Also pick a side so you stop contradicting yourself.

  15. Mock drafts will give confirmation bias's. Lauri needs to be traded b4 any1 else as he's injury prone and the worse defender on the team especially in p/r's.

  16. This Mans did even average a whole 10 points in college translate that to the NBA um lets say less then 2 he averaged 4 rebounds and 1 assist lord Jesus and he was drafted number 4 in the first round Ima check out his highlights but Geez we probally got 2nd rounders who averaged more then that like Geez but He still has potential his defence is great So If he can work on his offence give him at least 3 Years and he might become a star

  17. I heard the pick and my immediate reaction was "holy shit they actually did it." There were reports a couple days before that theyd pick him and i swore it was just a smokescreen to throw other GMs off…. guess not.

  18. U sleep 😪🤤😴😴😴 do your homework Patrick Williams A ++ Best workout of all NBA players who participated in the NBA draft workouts. An he played PG in high-school an he's friends with Coby white 🤯 so He'll play SF

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