The Chicago Bulls Are Officially DONE With Lauri Markkanen & Wendell Carter Jr! | Bulls Moving On?

The Chicago Bulls Are Officially DONE With Lauri Markkanen & Wendell Carter Jr! | Bulls Moving On?



  1. Time to trade Laurie and Wendell. The review is over. They won't beat anybody in the playoffs. They need a real center and powerforward. This is the pros not high school. You either can get the job done or not. Front office time to do your damn job. Do not let this season go down the tubes. We need better talent period. Now go get some. Markenan to Denver for Michael Porter Jr. Otto Porter to the Pelicians for Lonzo Ball. Denzel Valentine and 2 second round picks to Cleveland for Andre Drummond who they aren't even playing anymore. We get the center,forward, and point guard that we desperately need to make this a real team.

  2. I would rather keep Carter over Lauri. We need WCJs rebounding and defense, but more importantly it’s looking like our only options with Lauri are either to overpay him and fuck up our salary cap or to trade him…I like Lauri but I would rather he be moved.

  3. doesnt matter if wendel and lauri is on the team, they are still the same team with or without those guys. move on from them, trade those guys and get somebody who is ready to contribute to complement zach lavine, cav's darius garland, andre drummond, pelican's lonzo ball and jaxson hayes. try to trade for those guys and make this team a playoff team, zach lavine is clearly a type of player to build around, its a no brainer if you still dont see zach lavine as a franchise player.

  4. I agree with trade carter but keep lauri he can score and the way the league is going you need a 7ft who can score he will eventually learn to rebound if we add the right center next to him such as Steven Adams and trade for lonzo ball to e

  5. I'd take Carter. Markkanen has not added anything to his game in the off seasons. Carter is also a year younger and then if don't perform well trade him next year.

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