The Chicago Bulls Are Shopping Zach LaVine & Lauri Markkanen! | Potential Trade Packages!

The Chicago Bulls Are Shopping Zach LaVine & Lauri Markkanen! | Potential Trade Packages!


  1. STOP IT!!! Zach is a damn all star and the BEST thing to happen to the Bulls since Rose.HE ISN'T GOING TO BE TRADED!!!!!!

    Right now this very moment Zach is already a top 5-10 player to ever play for the Bulls and he is only 24-25 years old. NO TEAM TRADES THAT KINDA PLAYER!!!!

    Now Markken,yeah trade his bum done with his soft passive attitude towards the,live,and shit basketball or GTO!!

  2. All i keep seeing is that player from LA but if he was that good la wouldnt trade him. Why aren't im seeing trade for Devin Booker or Kevin Love or why not get them both with zach that team could do something in the east.

  3. If they trade either one of these guys I can no longer stand for the bulls between the front office and coaching staff being complete and total idiots of you trade zach or lauri, zach is doing everything he can and its known that the coach doesn't care for lauri getting his buckets which would've resulted in a few more Ws if he actually ran smart plays and rotations, the bulls issue isn't the players it's above them and to trade them for just kuzma and some filler pieces isn't enough

  4. I hope your channel blows up!

    Bulls don’t need to do any trades until they fix the front office and coaching staff.

    Danny Green is 32.

    LaVine is a potential SUPERSTAR if he can either get on a winning team or become a 2 way player while still remaining elite on offense. Kuzma is more of a potential All Star, maybe. But nowhere near the star level of Zach. But he is better on defense.

    Lauri is better off on a winning team with vets as 3rd or 4th option. Not a centerpiece building block. He is not reliable physically. But I think he deserves a change of scenery and much better development than what da Bulls are giving him.

    Felecio is still making $8M a year

  5. Jim boylen didnt turn him into a spot up shooter he has been and alwasy been a spot up shooter thats always been his biggest strength

  6. We have to keep Lavine he's an amazing/talented player. He's keeping the bulls going.. I definitely do not agree them going to try trade Lavine 😕

  7. As a fan of Lauri Markkanen above everything, I hope he gets traded to Raptors/Heat/Spurs, in Lakers he would stay that spot up shooter since they already have LeBron & Anthony Davis

  8. Rose/Dunn/Coby/Ryan

    Trade/let go of otto, sato, Young, kornet/ felicio & Give up Draft picks.


  9. I'm hearing that some people in the comment section saying trade Lauri for kuzma I disagree every time the Bulls get rid of players they become Stars on other teams I would say give him one more year.

  10. 1.) The ONLY TRADE(S) / MOVES the Bulls should be doing is getting rid of Jerry Reinsdorf, GARPAX, and Jim Boylen!
    All these "RUMORS" sound DUMB AS F**K, which means, knowing the FOOLS in management like I do, wouldn't surprise me, AT ALL!
    Have you ever noticed how these "TRADE RUMORS", especially this time of year, always have the Bulls wrapped up in these "TRADE SCENARIOS", BUT NONE OF THEM (if they do happen to get done) GET THE BULLS ANY CLOSER TO COMPETING FOR

  11. It would be unwise to trade Lauri or Zach without seeing how a competent coach can truly develop them and the team.

    Major changes are coming to the front office and coaching staff this offseason according to some rumors. Low UC attendance and tv ratings are hitting the Reinsdorf's pockets and this is forcing them to make changes.

  12. If we trade Lauri best luck for him because he needs better coach than this clown aszzz joker. I hope we don't trade Zach that would be crazy move😑

  13. The Bulls have an all star level player on a nice contract in Lavine, and the Lakers already traded away all their 1st round picks for years to come. So, no thanks

  14. The Bulls have a history of trading their young Talent and getting nothing back in return for them so to be totally honest with you it wouldn't surprise me I understand that Lauri markkanen has Had a Bad season he's too passive he has to be assertive and demand the ball he has too much talent to be playing this bad. and as far as Zach Lavine the Bulls have to be psychotic to get rid of him.

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