The Chicago Bulls Are Trading Zach LaVine & Lauri Markkanen? | Chicago Bulls Trade Rumors!

The Chicago Bulls Are Trading Zach LaVine & Lauri Markkanen? | Chicago Bulls Trade Rumors!


  1. Another shooting guard like LaVine and an efficient point guard added to the team, and next year the Bulls make it to the Play-offs. There is more a more potential in this team. Oh and what about a real trainer to this Bulls team? I feel that the current one does not have the shoulders to lead such a franchise… #BullsNation

  2. They drafted WCJ because MPJ was too injury prone. And now MPJ is proving everyone was wrong while WCJ is never healty in a full season.

    What a clueless front office.

  3. The bulls front office should not be allowed to trade,sign or pick anymore players it's evident that they have no clue how to build a team. As long as garpax is in charge no quality free agents are coming and the bulls are going no where. The only move that Will help the team is getting rid of that terrible coach and incompetent front office but reinsdorf won't do that. So as a fan of the team we are F and you can figure out the rest.

  4. Zach LaVine & Lauri Markkanen will both be on the Bulls after the deadline passes. The rumors and articles don't take into consideration the total ineptness of the Bulls management. With the exception of Thad Young, nobody is getting traded. They should be sellers but, GarPax don't have the vision. This rebuild started in 2016 even if Gar Forman said at that time, "It's more of a retool than a rebuild." Fast-Forward to 2020 and it's rinse and repeat. 16 years is long enough, Paxson couldn't get it done in a decade and a half. Better would be if Reisndorf would sell the team, because with this ownership, nothing will change.

  5. Zach has played hard and scored, but its clear the team isn't better because he is good, his usage rate and shooting stats is really high and the ball now sticks in his hand, where he hasn't been facilitating.The fluidity has been not there. Lauri has not been good either recently, and seeing as there doesn't seem to be any way to change that, especially since garpax is in charge

  6. Idk bro with our GM they probably trade him for a left TWIX candy bar!! I'll give them Denzel, young Markkanen and otto for dlow and a some picks and then flip those picks for some vets

  7. Zach needs to stay with the bulls no one's going to be trading him,he's the only one trying his hardest to help us as much as he can. We just need some good talented players on our team to help Lavine out we need all the help we can get!! 😕

  8. Oh my God Whoever came out with that trade rumor trading Zach Lavine for Courtney Lee Has to be completely psychotic It seems Us Bulls fans have to educate these people that don't know about How valuable Zach LaVine really is That's really a crazy statement? Also, I forgot to mention to you I'm a music producer I see that you use instrumentals for your videos I have provided a lot of YouTubers with Beats for their projects If you are interested, here's a link to my page Thank you very much.

  9. I think a underrated person that the bulls should target is Zaire smith or josh Jackson especially Jackson he would be cheap he’s in the g league and the grizzlies just got Winslow so y not oh and freaking sign jamal crawford the facts he is still a free agent is makin me mad 😂

  10. We need to trade Dunn though. I know he's a great defender but our offense has suffered under him. I don't hate the guy, but he needs another fresh start.

  11. I used the trade machine with the lakers. Danny Green and Kyle Kuzma for Thaddeus Young the trade was successful. We keep Lavine and Lauri in the process. That would be the best gar pax move in the past 3 years.

  12. What we need to do is shed some salary to open up a spot and offer max to Ingram. His max would be 28mil because of his years in the NBA. And if I was GM I would trade Wendell, Lauri and first pick and some fillers and get KAT!
    Start year fresh with Coby, LaVine, Ingram and KAT!

  13. Man I really thought of something. We need to trade lauri, Otto porter, kris Dunn, Thad young. For d’Angelo Russell, loony, Alek burks. Ik it’s crazy but I’m a die hard bulls fan from Chicago.. and we need this to happen.

  14. I hope We don’t trade zach lavine but the odds of us trading him are 0%. lol he is our best player he just needs help and we’ll be contenders for the playoffs i hope we get him derrick so we can get him back to chicago and Dlo would most likely play our point guard most likely but idc what we do here are my steps boylen boylen
    3. fire boylen
    4. get lavine help
    5. Cheer for lavine i’m all star weekend even though i’m still mad he isn’t a all-star

  15. Bulls probably won't trade Zach Lavine, because if they do trade him then the bulls fans are definitely going to be mad if the bulls get rid of him. Lauri can go since he been dealing with his injury in his career, and having a rough season this year. Bulls probably won't get D Angelo Russell even tho I'm a huge fan of him but it probably won't happen. I rather the Chicago Bulls getting Derrick Rose back on the team to help out Zach Lavine More. Then D Angelo Russell.

  16. Ay do you think we are going to make a move tomorrow bc I really think that if we do a trade with somebody it would be for Malik Beasley or d lo. So my question is who do you think we are going to trade for and who do you think we are going to use

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