The Chicago Bulls Confuse Me…

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  1. I'll always be a bulls fan no matter how good or bad lol. They definitely are very confusing. They just have to find the way to pin down those close games.

  2. Bro you need to stop calling yourself out for the dumbest things it makes you look insecure and like you’re trying really hard to be a perfectionist

  3. I’m an OKC fan and I noticed throughout Donovan’s entire tenure in OKC he always made what I felt was poor substitution decisions towards the end of the game. Some were so bad it truly felt like he was throwing the game, so I feel your pain

  4. Dude, WE are Bulls fans.
    Notice We never say We when talking about another franchise unless We are fans of that franchise. So saying We is okay 😂

  5. Imagine telling someone in the 90s, the Bulls and Knicks would be bottom 30. Crazy man. Bulls really make me scratch my head. Management has been trash, just like my Knicks.

  6. i really don't understand why bulls fans just can't be happy… no, they may not be competing for a top 6 playoff seed… but for the love of all that is good and holy, at least they're:

    1. Fun to watch
    2. The young guys are getting better
    3. Being coached properly

    *Yeah, they've had some tough losses to OKC, Atlanta, and the Pacers- but they need to lose games like that so they can watch film and improve.

  7. I’m a bulls fan and I see major improvements since we’ve had billy Donovan. Not we. I’m not a member of the Chicago bulls. 🤦‍♂️

  8. Its ok rusty. I was born in MIA and they’ve been my team since i started watching ball with my uncle at 5 And somehow in the back of my head i believe i have 3 championship rings to my resume 🤣

  9. I love my team if you weren’t watching the games when we had Windy City Bulls players starting please just gtfo you don’t deserve to see the rise up 🤫

  10. i don’t think small ball and lauri at the 5 should go together especially when he’s taller than wendell carter jr

  11. The bulls do struggle a lot but compared to last year, they have made a lot improvements. New front office, no more Boylen. They are fun to watch, and one amazing thing is that majority of the players are very young. The future is bright for Chicago. Zach Lavine is 25 years old and he hasn’t hit his prime yet, we’re going to be fine, just be patient. Plus, majority of the losses lately have been very close games, especially against great teams.

  12. I think Brooklyn needs to trade Irving in Utah for Conley and Favors and some few 1r picks. Conley is a nice backup pg for Harden and Favors nice backup for DJ. Then we all can agree that Nets will win the chip.

  13. Try being a hawks fan this season. Injuries, bad coaching, and the feud between John Collins and Trae Young are making this season ROUGH.

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