The Chicago Bulls draft Patrick Williams with the #4 overall pick.

This was recorded right after the pick was announced, and in the video I explain the positives of this pick. Please subscribe and like if you enjoy! – – – Insta: …



  1. Wendell Carter is not a a center he's a powerful forward we drafted a center a true Center with are second pick trust in AK look what he did with the Denver Nuggets just have faith.

  2. Lori's not a center he's a power forward the other staff did not know how to use a mark my words AK will use him to his best potential and he will be a very good superstar .

  3. Ik the pick was a suprise but you’re gonna eat your words with the okoro swap, Williams will help us tremendously and will be the better player. He has the potential to be the next butler/kawhi, has gotten a lot faster pre draft and is really fluid and good in the mid range. His shot already looks nicer and he shot 84% from the FT.

  4. If Deni Avdija was so good why he not the starting why he only average 9.9 pts a game I wait for the answer. I see what AK is doing building a defensive unit like he did in Denver.

  5. All I can say is…IF his NBA development with the Bulls rises almost as meteoric as his draft stock….we got ourselves one HELL of a player.

  6. All trades you were mentioning were rumors. Deni dropped for a reason. Doesn't kawhi have a slow shot as well? I'm sure this guy will be a great player

  7. the bulls knew they were going to draft him in june. arturus said that they had been watching him since high school, they were never going to trade up or down. they know what they have, and he is going to be that beast we have been looking for as the 3. the thing about it as they said, and not to mind the critic's. that he can play all 5 positions. and he has ball handling. he was a point guard all 4 years in high school, where he went from 6' to 6'8". and he is not even finished growing. he just turned 19. i say he will be the steal of the draft.

  8. PAY ATTENTION TO THE RECENT PLAYOFFS – This is excellent pick up, look at Jeremy Grant, Nort, and the heat 3-5. I think Otto, Carter jr, and Williams at the 4 is a top 5 3-5 in the east if healthy and honestly I would bring Lauri off the bench. Let’s D these NBA teams up.


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