The Chicago Bulls Drafted…Patrick Williams?

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  1. UPDATE: I've seen some clips and read more scouting reports and I can see why AK and others were so interested in him. Hopefully he lives up to his potential but I'm warming up more to this pick.

  2. I actually thought the Hornets were gonna draft Williams at 3. It's not just that he has the prototypical size and athleticism for an elite wing which is the most coveted position in the NBA, but its mentality. He got that Jimmy Butler edge and focus on the court. He communicates on defense, moves on offense and than picks up PGs full court press after baskets. Plus he just turned 19.

  3. I feel the same way. I don't hate this pick but I'm not happy with it, since I'm also sure the Bulls could have traded down and pick him up between 7-14 and get another late 1st round pick in return to add another solid young player.

  4. Go Bulls! Watch college basketball. Watch highschool basketball. Stop watching twitter 🤣😛 you know what I mean 😸 He was a point guard in Highschool. Then he grew like 8 inches. He is good now and he has an upside. Stop looking at the guys that can score as the vest player. You have to play defense too. You think what you think is right, because other people agree. Try watching him play. Lmao. Fuck Twitter! 😂 I knew you were on twitter! 😛🙃

  5. You realize both Detroit and Chicago promised P Williams they would pick him with their pick right? So how would you trade down with Detroit and still get him? Also Detroit tried trading up to number 3 to steal P W from Chicago. Btw there were no lottery trades in this draft, so who do you trade with? Maybe you posted this video a bit early! Just saying

  6. Everyone take a chill pill 💊 and trust the process AK knows what he’s doing .who ever taught D wade was gonna be a franchise player anything can happen

  7. Dude is trash. Reminds me of Dickey Simpkins and Bobby Portis. Shitty pick by the Bulls. The GM has a lot of explaining to do.

  8. Trading down easier said than done. Many teams were interested, you trade down and don't get your guy. This video shows that you're nothing more than just a casual fan.

  9. Who do you think has a better idea what’s going on, the. Guy who turned around the nuggets and made them a complete team, or a mouth breathing dork whose probable 17-23 years old.

  10. I think he's going to be the dirty work guy the guy who gets all the rebounds and does all the blocking and do a good defense the anchor of the team

  11. Bulls fans!? We have to wait and see with him.. PERIOD!! come out your feelings please lol .. worse case scenario he'll be an high-end role player with an actual NBA BODY!! I like this pick ALOT for we actually have a player development staff lol

  12. Watch the dam type jesus he a defensive guy that why they draft cause of his defense. AK know what he doing y'all just youtuber don't know nothing about basketball scouting.

  13. Give him a chance. Every yr they hype up a few players and tout them as the next superstars. Mock draft fans get excited for these few players they hype. And, once they play on the hardwood, there's always players who were never mentioned in those mock draft hype list who become the next big talent.
    Patrick Williams just turned 19 yrs old a couple of mths ago. The kid is still going through a growth spurt. With those long arms and huge hands, imagine if he grows another inch or 2. He'll be the next Giannis.

  14. This kid is a mystery but I don't think he is a 4 pick I could be wrong maybe the bulls scouts and management seen something thing in him he could be a steal I just don't know

  15. Why him? Cause the bulls are fucking retarded, I for one am done with the looser ass chicago bulls, I became a fan watching MJ when I was 9-16, since than the bulls have been trash and it looks like they're gonna keep being trash for a long time. I'm gonna look into another team for sure, im done with the bulls.

  16. You're not a real basketball guy. Do your research!that's because the media did not hide Patrick Williams up don't mean he's not a good player

  17. The recent mocks had him going no lower than 6. If you trade down you're likely trading with the Knicks who were the only team who seriously wanted to trade up. If we pick where the Knicks pick Williams is off the board.

    Overall good pick. His advanced stats are actually really good. I'm one Bulls fan happy with the pick

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