1. Chicago, in basketball, is not a big market as evidence that they haven’t been able to sign a true, young superstar. Bulls are not trading their core for mid star guys. Get ready for Garland, Culver or White. Don’t want white tho…

  2. I disagree with the fact that a bigger market will make you better. KD and Westbrook both won MVPs in OKC, AD has been an MVP favorite in NOLA, Paul George was an all star and looked like a potential MVP candidate in Indiana, and let's not forget: lebron was drafted to CLEVELAND. I get what you're saying, but if you're box office, you're box office 🤷‍♂️

  3. conley would be putting a band aid on a stab wound. he got may be one or two years left in him and then they right back in the same position of needing a pg.

  4. { CON'T } Wendell will be a star . Put 10-15 pounds on Wendell and Mark-a-man. Move Levine to shooting guard { Less pressure/more consistency = D-up } Porter as the 3 . WELCOME TO THE PLAYOFFS CHICAGO .Then we wok on depth and role players . Moral of this little Story = IF YOU KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ALWAYS DONE , YOU WILL KEEP GETTING WHAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS GOT Norm/Herd

  5. IF you try to go backwards with Rose , then we might as well sign Wade again ,give away more free money. If we sign other teams baggage Like Ball the Bulls will be set back at least 5 years . Maturity comes to a man when he thinks b/4 he speaks ,b/cause all thoughts aint valid . So you think sending the 7th to join Kyrie to join King Baby in L.A. for Ball is a good move huh . How about apackage to move up . !st +2nd this year +1st next year + Dunn +Hutch for Morant { CON'T }

  6. I'll do the godfather trade in a heartbeat honestly i like wendell a lil bit but we can easily get another center. The front office gotta boss up this draft.

  7. Definitely need to do a god father offer for Ja Morant give the 7th pick give next years pick all of our second round picks as well and Wendell and Kris Dunn and chandler Hutchinson and Denzel Valentine then that’s it that’s the max they should even think about offering and if the grizzlies still say no to that then there on somethin

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