The HARD Truth About The Chicago Bulls Future! | Zach LaVine, Lauri Markkanen, & Jim Boylen

The HARD Truth About The Chicago Bulls Future! | Zach LaVine, Lauri Markkanen, & Jim Boylen


  1. This team is 100% mediocre. Keep Zack and Coby, the rest can go. Start over. The rest of the team are all bench players on other teams. Markenan is a complete bust.

  2. The hard truth is they're garbage and will be garbage as long as John Paxson and Gar Forman are still in charge. Zach LaVine is not as good as you think he is. He's actually not any better than he was in Minnesota. He's no all star. They should trade him and Laurie for office supplies and toilet paper.

  3. We lost tonight and honestly Lauri needs to be staggered with Zach. Lauri had 2 attempts in the 2nd half. Let him come out with 2nd squad and be the scorer there. 1 Coby 2 Zach 3 Sato 4 Thad 5 Windell

  4. The chicago bulls need a rebounder the majority of there lossless they have been out rebounded . Lauri markkanen is not a starter he should be coming off the bench he's a role player they should make a trade for a rebounder that'll give him a chance to rack up some wins. Denzel Valentine. Chris Dunn. Shack Harrison. Should be packaged for that rebounded all three are Buster's Zach LaVine is inconsistent but I like him as a player so I guess we are in rebuilding mode again Bulls fans hang in there all the time will come

  5. the players dont respect boylen
    the offensive system is terrible
    only way we win if a certain player TAKES OVER

    lauri is playing hurt. and he has been awful. he needs to be benched
    and lauri said the offense has changed where all he does is sit back and jack up 3s like ryan anderson

  6. They won our game and we won there game so it's even.. good win I'm mad I didn't get to see this though! But this season is very confusing.. our best players are so inconsistent.. I wouldn't be surprised if Zach comes out the next game and gives us 9 and 3 and Lauri continuing to play like "I hate to say this" Felicio! If Lauri gets it together I think we will be able to win at least 2-3 of these next games! And any news on Otto?

  7. Boylen damn near lost the locker room last year and he losing it now both for the same reason. These bums dont want to play defense, everyone want Boylen fired (i agree with that) but lets address the fact Zach doesn't want to play defense and Lauri cant guard anybody and since his shot not dropping he is useless to this team, Chicago not a playoff team, its a reason the media ignores the bulls

  8. i hope he did lose the locker room the man needs to be fired right along with gar/pax. any other organization would have been fired gar/pax but our owner doesnt even care enough about the team to do that.

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