THE LAST DANCE – Sirius (Chicago Bulls Theme) | The Theorist Piano Cover

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  1. Michael Jordan wasn’t perfect, he had demons too. I learned that fame is a curse, you can relive a normal life after it. The saddest thing I saw in the Last Dance doc was how the only place he was safe from the media was his hotel room or his own house. The media knew that what they were doing was hurting him but they kept on coming. I respect Michael, even when he was sick or broken down he would still put on a show. I also respect every single teammate he had with him because they helped him in the most hardest times. Michael was destined to become a star but no one knew that he would become the biggest out of all the others.

    There will never be another Michael Jordan. I have no other words than thank you for the amazing creator who made this video.

  2. Been following you for years now! Remember when you played Marvin’s Room from Drake. My question is how did you learn to play the piano so good? Man, I would love to just listen to a song and figure out how to play it!😭

  3. Wow great stuff. Are u able to learn some songs by Polo G. I really think his style would suit you and his music is really great.

  4. Most guys would take the chance to get a flashy thumbnail with the 3 hands playing. You? You're like, screw that, I'll make a thumbnail using only one hand! ahah you've got a fan here mate 👏👏

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