1. GarPax aint going no where, so all you pro fire GarPax & GetLonzo fuckers minus well get that shit out of you all's dumb ass minds.

  2. Since the Celtics dont have a future Center other then Al Horford I would trade the #7 overall pick and Wendell Carter for Kyrie. What you think ?

  3. Pelicans tanked too! The league didn’t want the pelicans to be another garbage ass team in league without AD so they gave them Zion when AD is traded to the lakers and the lakers the fourth pick to trade to the pelicans along with Kuzma and Brandon Ingram so the team will still have talent while losing it star. Smart of the league!

  4. No one to blame but the fans who pay for the seats. Retards supporting retards, now enjoy our mediocrity for the next coming 5+ years. Keep spending them say checks while forman and pax put on a 20 win team and laugh all the way to the bank.

  5. garland or trade pick…we got screwed
    maybe we should go after brogdon..he can play PG/SG and can shoot 3s and defend.
    i think him and lavine would be deadly

  6. The only way bulls ownership would care about their team and fire garpax is when fans stop attending bulls games because bulls is still one of the top in attendance in the nba, As long fans still attending games and money keeps flowing into their pockets they'll be content on garpax making decisions for them.

  7. Bulls said they would trade for Lonzo if they landed top 6 so I don’t think we are but it’s the front office so you never know but I mean number 7 pick isn’t a bad pick whatsoever in my opinion , I think we should settle for Colby white just cause he’s a sleeper so I’m all in for Colby

  8. Scared of Jordan's legacy what type of pussy ass shit is that, So they telling me people not scared of Magic Legacy or Kobe's Legacy, or the pressure of Playing in the Garden playing in New York. Fuck the NBA MJ been retired for years and everyone is still scared of him 😂. Now that's some real GOAT SHIT 🐐.

  9. I don't get why nobody wants come here, How can you be scared of a man's legacy 😂 Jordan don't even care about the bulls anymore he's worried about his on dam franchise.

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