The Truth About Chicago bulls Early Season Struggles | Zach Lavine

The Truth About Chicago bulls Early Season Struggles | Zach Lavine


  1. About conditioning — a few years ago, Joakim Noah was plagued with plantar fascitis injuries.
    Well, I got plantar fascitis, and I KNOW it is a conditioning issue. I cured myself and never got it back. It was POOR CONDITIONING issue.
    The ONLY reason that can explain the Bulls conditioning injuries is POOR CONDITIONING. Simple as that.
    Their physical trainers MUST be INCOMPETENT.
    That is the ONLY explanation.

  2. It is not medical. It is all about conditioning — in particular strength training.
    Muscles respond very well to strength training — too well. A few reps with heavy weights will build muscle.
    The problem is that the ligature and sinew DO NOT RESPOND well to strength training. Ligature and sinew take thousands of reps at lighter
    Look at the way Walter Payton trained. He almost never got hurt…and that was football.
    Strains, sprains, pulled muscles, and almost all training injuries are results of POOR CONDITIONING practices.
    The Bulls need a new conditioning coach and staff, IMO.

  3. What you're talking about it all add up to Hoiberg not being an inspiring coach. I was trying to overlook Hoiberg short comings but this Bulls team look bad and the problem is looking more at coaching.

  4. It has to be a next man up mentality. We won’t know what we have until we get Lauri Dunn and Portis back. If lavine keeps playing like this and we’re able to win some games before we them back then I don’t think tanking is an option even with the talent the top few guys have if the bulls can show improvement when our guys get back. It’s been a long time since the bulls were even in the discussion for a big time free agent and if making the playoffs will make one come then I’m all for it. Would love kawhi or kyrie. Also if the Jabari isn’t the player we think he should be then he’s got to go after the season

  5. Now portis is injured how crazy is this shit out 4 to 6 weeks how is this even possible were running out of players I swear the bulls are cursed seems like Every game someone goes down guess you shouldn't of brought up portis's name in you last video man you took him out…lol

  6. you speak my mind, really. Defense-wise, they can't stop no one, not from three, not in the paint and neither on rebounding. It's a pain to watch a team struggle to keep up, and then….they just keep getting threes. game over. This is so pathetic.

  7. I am not so frustrated because Zach Lavine looks like an MVP but I am just mad that sometimes it looks like we don't care about defending!

  8. Bulls defense look really terrible. Anyone can get a drive inside and get a easy layup. I was expecting more from WCJ but from what im seeing, he lacks energy on the court and looks so soft.

  9. Long season, but definitely not looking good. Expect lots of 30+ points nights from LaVine in losing efforts. Our defense is str8 🗑🗑🚮🚮🚮. By Dec we should be all in for Barrett or Williamson from Duke.

  10. disappointing start with injuries, but don’t loose hope. it’s still early to give up or thinking about tanking the season

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