The Truth About Chicago Bulls Future | Draft & Free Agency

The Truth About Chicago Bulls Future | Draft & Free Agency


  1. Yes, Zion is box office and will put the Bulls back in contention however, the Bulls need to evaluate need and fit this upcoming season. Is WCJ really a center or a PF playing center? Is Lauri really that dude, or a realistic 3rd scoring option? Will Hutch take that next step? Kris Dunn really wasn't the problem, as much as it was the ball dominant Zach LaVine and Kris Dunn playing together. Kris' game suffered as Zach's game shined. If Zion becomes a Bull he will cover-up a lot of current flaws with the Bulls. Play him at the 3 and the Bulls will have good defenders in the backcourt (Dunn) wing (Zion) and down low (WCJ) Zion would also take the scoring pressure off of Zach as a good 2nd scoring option. Lauri can continue to thrive as a spot up 3 pt shooter. Without Zion the Bulls will be asking Lauri to do more than he's capable of doing.

  2. I think that our best options would be picking up Ja morant in draft cuz like if we get Zion then where are we gonna put him? We already have Otto so someone would have to play the 4 and tbh I don’t really wanna see either of those guys at the 4, they’re both true small forwards. Ig we’ve never really seen Zion at the 4 so maybe we don’t know but both of those players need the ball in their hands as often as possible so I don’t know if picking up Zion would be our best choice. I think our best option would be getting Ja morant. He just fits in the team better than Zion would. And I wouldn’t want to lose Otto for Zion. We know that Otto is a good player in the nba already, we’ve seen him play in the nba. But we don’t really know how Zion will do. I think the safer route would be getting Ja morant and have him play the 1 with Zach at the 2 Otto the 3 lauri the 4 and robin the 5 with Wendell coming off the bench. Idk if that’s a starting 5 that’ll win a championship within the next 2-3 seasons but that’s a really nice looking starting lineup. Especially if we’ve got kris dunn coming off the bench or Derrick Rose if we get him. I think that’s our best route. Good starting 5 with Wendell coming off the bench with rose or Dunn

  3. zach lavine is like a more athletic modern day Tayshaun Prince. Shouldn't be the 1 option.. 3rd is the best for a contender team

  4. Ja Morant career would be more promising if he got drafted by the SUNS to form the #ValleyBoyz (Devin Booker – Deandre Ayton – Kelly Oubre Jr – Josh Jackson or Mikal Bridges) that team would potentially dominate the NBA

  5. I agree with your analysis. As 4th in standings =12.5% vs 14.0% for bottom 3.,chance are high. I also believe Porter is a backup plan Bulls don't get Zion . Just don't pick Reddish ,oh yeah if healthy Garland is legit ,was top PG in nation out high school & Vany was undefeated in games he played.

  6. They do not need Dennis Smith with zach lavine in the back court lmao but good video. I expect a veteran point guard to be signed if they don’t get one thru the draft.

  7. I think it will take longer to win a ring especially if KD goes to the Knicks. Bulls need a bench that’s consistent and we need to find a way to limit injuries. Injuries have derailed us from winning a ring since 2012.

  8. I hope they draft Coby White..He's a perfect fit for the BULLS, a combo guard with a good handle, playmaking skills, a nice quick shot with range..An unselfish player with the ability to score when needed..The 2nd pick I'd like to get a player like Daniel Gafford or Bruno..A rim protecter with great athleticism, guys who will crash the boards, run the floor and develop post moves..or maybe another shooter like Cam Johnson, Herro or a defensive playmaker like Brandon Clarke/Nassir Little.

  9. People tripping with saying they don't want zion. You rather pass on a generational talent for a talent that has star potential cuz of fit? Fit doesn't matter when you have a talent like zion. I mean as bulls fans yall should know this since we got mj cuz 2 gms prioritized fit over talent. If the talent is comparable sure go with fit but when its lop sided like ja and zion you obviously go with talent. Especially on a team thats been in the lottery 3 straight years and outside of about 6 players have shit playes. You can simply move otto to the bench then play him at 3 and roll out the the same 5 (with a new pg obviously). And for those for some who think he can't play 3 both rj and cam can play 3 but zion whos as tall but much bigger with better d can't( also none were lighting it up from 3 either)? Moving otto to the bench would help alot since we really dont have a bench and he could the second unit as 6th man instead of be the 4th options with ja.

  10. if we dont draft morant i think we should try to get lonzo ball. It might be crazy but i think he would fit really well with zach because he is a great defender (better than dunn) and he is a great passer so can create shots for wendell and lauri. I Also think he is going to be a pretty good shooter, i am just worried about injuries

  11. Let’s hope Zion is not like Lebum and more like MJ, lebum has never won without a team full of stars, hopefully the bulls draft him and he has that killer instinct MJ had. if not ja morant will change the bulls for the best, Dunn is done, D rose back in the chi with a talented young point guard like ja would be a dream come true. For the love of Pete, get rid of felicio, that guys fucking sucks, I don’t understand how he’s playing in the nba.

  12. My take on the Bulls season and draft? Embarrassing, and hopeful. Garpax and the coaching staff is a curse to this franchise in my opinion, and I'm hoping they come out of this draft with either Zion, Morant, or White if they fall that far. Can't see the Bulls drafting Garland with an already tore up knee, maybe if we were drafting in the 10 range but not top 7. Outside of Zion this group needs a floor general bad and one that can fill it up aka Morant/White.

  13. i might be the only bulls fan that doesn't want zion i want ja morant, and why do ppl think if rose comes back he can be a starter? i feel he played so well this year because he came off the bench. i love rose but my guy aint a starter no more.

  14. John Paxson expects the Bulls to compete for a playoff spot next season so there is a good chance they'll add vets like drose to help this young Bulls squad to take it to the next level and add more bench players who can lit from 3 point area.

  15. Ok ! Just say we get Zion! What will we do with Lauri they both play the same position. Some say move Lauri to center then trade Wendell Carter for a point guard! I really don't care for that! I would just hope for Jae Mortant! Go Bulls!

  16. First of all great video. You're delivery is good and concise and while I disagree I respect where you're coming from.

    My biggest problem is that the way to win consistently in the NBA is to have a top ten player and three in the top 25. No one on this roster projects to be that. Lavine is more akin to a Jamaal Crawford than a Dwayne Wade he's a volume scorer who sometimes will shoot you out of games. He'd be a great 6th man and a above average starter. Lauri could be a botton end of the top 20 a more athletic Kevin Love at his best I don't see him being Dirk. Carter is the biggest question because Boylen hasn't been able to put him into spots to get his offense going. Maybe a poor man's Gobert. Porter is a solid NBA starter.

    With that we need to get a to 2 pick to possibly get one if those top 10 NBA players if we don't we're in basketball hell again (we've got about a 25% chance if getting that). A 48-50 win team not able to make the finals. Then we gave to either sign a big name free agent which Garpax have never been able to do or trade for one which Garpax have never been able to do. This is why the only real way to succeed is to fire garpax

  17. If we don't get either Zion, Morant or RJ in the draft…then i hope we can get both Jarrett Culver and Admiral Schofield due to the fact that they are both good offensively & defensively.. Culver is a SG & Schofield is a SF

  18. Swaggy. My Chi-Town homie. Hear me out, let's say the Chicago Bulls land the Number 1 pick, i would draft (Zion) and i would call the Pelicans and offer ZION, WENDELL CARTER JR, for Anthony Davis but Anthony Davis will have to sign the Maxx and agree to signing the Maxx and wanting to come back home to Chicago, i know the pelicans would do that trade in a heartbeat cause they would be getting 2 young studs and a potential big time super star in (ZION) a guy that's gonna bring people to the stadium, and they would get a center that has potential in becoming an All Star. Then i would go after Derrick Rose and bring him back home, Then you would have a Young very scary team with Anthony Davis, Lauri Markkanen, Zach Lavine, Otto Porter, Derrick Rose. That would put them in favor of going all the way once they learn to play with each other and put in the right coach!

  19. Bro you trippin trippin with that Zion shit and Dennis Smith Jr 👎🏾 no thank you he scores but doesn’t facilitate

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