The Truth About Chicago Bulls Future | Is Jim Boylen Coach Of Future

this video talks about The Truth About Chicago Bulls Future & Is Jim Boylen Coach Of Future. The chicago bulls need to find the right coach for lauri markkanen, …



  1. Bro we’re not gonna make the jump from being one worst teams in the NBA to the NBA Finals next year. Just save your breath. That’s unrealistic for our squad.

  2. Bro you must understand you must have the personel to play a certain way…jim did the best job with the players he had…its not all about shooting 3s..its about getting open 3s in the flow of the offense…golden state got everyone playing their game but people dont inderstand is..goldenstate get most of their 3s from driving and kicking….

  3. Jim seems like a good guy and players coach but he's a terrible coach. He's a watered down thibs. If we do make the playoffs and win a championship while jim is here it will be largely because of players not coaching. Jim has routinely gotten out coached and made a bunch of head scratching calls.

  4. We went from 97.4 offensive rating trade for Otto and went to a 116.2 offensive rate I think that was 5th best in the league at the time defense went up also have to give it a chance and swe

  5. No way I give Boylen an extension. Missed out on Stackhouse but Juwan Howard is still out there. That's the move to make. He can get the right assistants to help him too. Plenty of former head coaches he can hire to take the Bulls to championship level contention again. We deserve better than the inconsistency in direction we've been getting lately.

  6. P. Jackson was the white Michael Jordan as a coach.. He accomplished alot & had a huge impact.. Jim is a decent coach, but definitely not the future..

  7. I agree with you my man. I’ll give Boylen one year to prove to us that he is the coach of the future. Our entire roster need the right coach to take the next step to reach their true potential. So much talent on this team to be held back by a mediocre coach. Land Zion or Morant in the draft and we’re just one elite coach away from being a contender once again.

  8. Hey young blood what's up man I agree with you and I know we had a conversation before. We need a better coach question is who's out there available it's hard to find a great coach like Phil Jackson. I take you one even better the coach for the San Antonio Spurs you know it's out there but we're I mean unless we go back to a college coach but you have to be somebody that's hard-nosed and about the the like you said the Innovation or evolution of the new wave of basketball. I love the game I still think there's a way to mix the old and the new together and to prove that there's still room for that old dog in this new trick. But also the management is the major problem. You made a very good point they not pick it up good free-agent the best one was Otto Porter Jr. Is a lot that needs to come into play with what's going on and I like that needs to be addressed. I'm going to throw one more at you Jerry reinsdorf is cheap as hell he is the cheapest owner I've ever scene he's a reason why we didn't get 8 championships instead of just six and he's the reason why the Bulls have not made it to the next level yet so you need to throw that in there to ownership needs to be responsible and take ownership of the BS if he's putting out all right man it's always sorry for the long Common's you take care of yourself man peace and love.

  9. I don’t understand why GarPax fires Thibs yet want to give Boylen a contract extension? Boylen is a poor man’s Thibs. Bulls should have tried to go for Luke Walton like Sacramento

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