The Truth About Chicago Bulls Future | Offseason | Bulls Draft Zion Williamson

The Truth About Chicago Bulls Future | Offseason | Bulls Draft Zion Williamson


  1. Most  of    you    are   some  of   the   stupidest  bulls    fan's   I   have    ever   seen.    I   BEEN   A   DIE  HARD   BULLS   FAN   SINCE    1990.          TO   MUCH    MUMBLE  RAP  AND   MCDONALDS   AND    BAD    WATER   AND   MEDIA

  2. The bulls are so stupid right now that if Zion was right there for us to pick they probably would trade it for a couple of second rounders

  3. I just hope that the lottery gods are smiling on the city of Chicago the night of the draft lottery. We need to pick before Phoenix if not Ja Morant WILL BE GONE! Phoenix already said they’d take Ja over Zion! If we don’t get that pick or any pick above Phoenix I don’t like our chances of getting a legit starting decent PG. Maybe if Darius Garland can somehow come back from his knee injury at least 95% of what he use to be, MAYBE but that’s “A BIG MAYBE” 🤷🏾‍♂️Idk We just need A BLESSING🙌🏾

  4. Personally I think Jim Boylen is the right coach for this young team he is a great coach and can really help this team out a lot.

  5. I’m watching how good Lillard is without Lauri Markkanen. Imagine Morant being like Lillard but he has a 7footer who can shoot the 3 that well plus, rebound and finish at the rim. LaVine I think is as good as CJ and the Bulls have a very good 3 point shooter from 3 at the SF in Otto Porter as well as W.Carter looking like a 2 way gun.

    The Bulls need luck on lottery night. Either pick 1 or 2 or if the Bulls get pick 3 the Bulls will need the Suns getting pick 1 with the Cavs/Nicks getting pick 2 or the Knicks getting 1 and the Cavs getting 2 so Morant should still be there at 3. The Bulls look like they have a good future when looking at the team, still need to draft a future top 5 player.

    The biggest problems are the off court issues for the Bulls. One of the worst owners, one of the worst management teams that’s all round bad at trades/signings/recruiting. Crap coach Boylen lol thank GarPax. The scouts are pretty good but again only if management stay out the way remember picking Teague over Draymond Green lol.

  6. Lauri needs to play Center
    Love WC but we do not need him with LM on the team. we should have taken miles bridges or kevin knox.
    small > big in modern nba.

    Lauri and Knox would have been a very good center / pf combo. instead we went tradition with Lauri and WC. interior defense is an overrated nba commodity. perimeter D is what its all about. our perimeter D with lavine and porter will always stink.

    garpax needs to go. they have no idea how to construct a modern team. pax won 3 championships playing a certain style. its going to be impossible for him to change his mindset.

  7. Hey bro I love your segments kind of disagree with the new style of basketball. Not taking anything from all the highlights in the posters but if you really think about it you had those same style when you had the 90s Bulls or 90s you had the Seattle SuperSonics. Back then basketball was real you had real men that play hard play physical and put their heart into the game. I play the game myself I don't like the style that's out now because everybody's about money not about the Love of the Game. Yeah the game is about championships but it's also about being aggressive it's about showing showcasing your skills and showing that you're the best at what you do. These guys today a lot of them have that but not the same I think they soften and what we came up with and I think that the teams before like Patrick Ewing Sean Kim Karl Malone David Robinson Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen John Starks and I can go on and on and on they were hard they were real men real soldiers on that Court not the same anymore. Basketball has always been about finesse and being pretty the way he got it now. Any fool can do it I want a coat by Phil Jackson fight like the Colts from the Knicks like the old coach for the Seattle SuperSonics to show that that style a basketball still can make a difference you know one more thing and I know this is long so I apologize but every generation has their style everybody got to show what they can do. Sometimes a rock is always just a rock something shouldn't always change tweak it I could do that but don't chain dis my comment brother keep doing what you do love what you put out peace.

  8. I still believe this team is closer to success than failure as evidenced by their wins versus much better teams..When healthy, the addition of Otto Porter and the amazing progress of Zach Lavine and Lauri Markkanen, and eventually Wendell Carter, Chandler Hutchinson and possibly Kris Dunn..Dunn is the question..Will he stay or be replaced? Can he play alongside Coby White, who is my choice that fits the Bulls future, or as a backup..White is opening eyes and showing just how mature his game is with a high basketball IQ and well rounded game, he could be the best player not named Zion or Barrett..Morant has the explosive qualities but Coby White would be a better "team" fit.They need a PF/C to take Robins place eventually and they could either go with Daniel Gafford, Jaxson Hayes, Fernando Bruno, Naz Reid..or go for another wing like Cam Joahnson, Tyler Herro or Brandon Clarke.

  9. Boylen is doing just fine. You can’t say how he’ll use Carter Jr. if he’s been hurt the season. I think we should keep Boylen in place and draft Morant or Barrett. But I wouldn’t be mad if we traded back a little bit and draft Coby White because i think he’ll be a nice fit to run the offense

  10. My biggest frustration was during the press conference pax was asked what's the plan to get a superstar. His response was essentially luck and hope and its like how can these other teams find ways to get real stars. Look at what Dallas did first they get Luka then they trade for Porzingas. Milwaukee finds the player in the draft with the most upside and gambles now they could have the best player in the NBA.

  11. Man… I agree with you 100%. It's getting sad what this organization is becoming. No legitimate team vice president would keep Jim Boylin (or however you spell his name) because he's simply is a moron.

    I'm DONE with Dunn.

    Gar/Pax are failures. I don't care nor do I want to hear about their decent draft picks from the past. They are HOT GARBAGE.

  12. This draft don’t make or break us tbh it’ll just be a plus… what we need to really worry about is signing vets, we’ll be in the playoffs next season

  13. Jim boylen is a good coach everyone bashes him for no reason you can't win many games when half your damn team is injured and your having to start g league players

  14. Ik we all want Zion, but this years draft looks really really good, so even if we don’t get Zion and we have a top 3 or top 5 we could still get a really great rookie that will help us in the future

  15. The record does not show it, but the Bulls are in a much better place than we were last year. And this draft may be the point where we turn the corner.

  16. Give us either Zion, Rui, Barret, Culver or Hunter… They are all great defense players… Its just not about being an offensive team.. Teams are build by slowly working around it with great player who can do it all or have potential and not just giving us a super star player that can pack points thinking that he will change the team or make us a franchise team..

    We need a few pieces that can carry the team, especially the positions that we don't have before either deserving or receiving a super star PG or player… and lets also hope whoever we get is also healthy & not injured like Darius Garland who i heard we could be getting smh.. He's a great player but i just don't trust players who are injured….

  17. I understand that the league is going by the way of the 3! And if the Bull's coach has not adapted we will go by the way of the dinosaur, and the coal engine! I'm sure Gar/Pac won't let that happen! You see what they did to Tibbs! Go Bulls!

  18. Dude we have one of the best young bigtime talent in Zach Lavine!! The guy has sick talent and can average 30 plus points cause how talented he is. They need a coach that can use his talent with the White Mamba another bigtime future best power forward in the NBA!! That's real talk

  19. Denzel Valentine has an injury that can end his career, he will not be the same and look for the Bulls to release him. I don't want to get into to much of what's wrong with him but trust me he will not be the same player he was and a player that was gonna be a good bench player. It's a wrap for him

  20. Gotta get 1st pick, draft Zion, & trade for a pg that sets up teammates like Ball. And quality vets for the bench. Can't get Stackhouse like I wanted but I would go after Juwan Howard as next head coach. Time for some new coaching blood & he is Chicago so he not taking any nonsense.

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