The Truth About Chicago Bulls Future | Year After Jimmy Butler Trade | Lauri Markkanen

The Truth About Chicago Bulls Future | Year After Jimmy Butler Trade | Lauri Markkanen


  1. When you can say w a straight that the Bulls goal is championships when the ONLY titles they have won was w 23 then you kinda lose me. Additionally what about paying Lavine a max deal for the foreseeable future screams championship? Even the best one way player in the game in James Harden hasn’t gotten past WCFs.

    Dunn was a great get definitely better than a wild card 1st round pick and I knew his struggles were Tibbs fault all the way. The coach can’t develop players if his life depends on it. Butler grew despite him.
    It’s a win for both orgs. Min was a top three seed before Butler’s injury and that team has talent but they have a bad mix.

  2. The Bulls won the trade on day 1.
    Trading Butler gave them a direction, Rebuild – regardless of what they got back that gave them what they needed.
    Meanwhile the Timberwolves forced their timeline to move forward because Butler is older – given the progress (or lack thereof) that Towns and Wiggins have made this far that wasn’t a great thing to do.

    People are comparing the stats of Dunn and LaVine to Butler but are not taking into account that Thibs is a horrible coach for young players and under-utilised both of them.

    The Bulls were the winners of this trade on day one, and it’s looking more like a landslide win, even though the t.wolves got to the playoffs and that was their goal.

  3. the bulls won this trade Lavine Dunn and Markannen are the future of the bulls they are great players that will help lay the foundation for a future dynasty

  4. I was hearing you out & then it sounded like you said Lauri Markkanen has hall of fame talent?! That’s homer-ism at its all time worst! The Bulls aren’t an upper-class organization! They had one of the top 3 talents (# 1 on my list) ever to play & won rings in his prime. Before & after that they’ve been just another team. You can’t take that away from them, but don’t act like the Bulls are used to winning.

  5. I knew the Bulls won that trade from the start. The reason Dunn wasn't able to contribute in his first year was that he didn't really have a lot of minutes to play and polish his game. LaVine is a young guy with a crazy good offensive skill set. Lastly, Markkanen was such a good pick at 7. Though Butler is a star, there is just drama wherever he is, like what is happening to Minnesota right now.

  6. As a TWolves fan, when I saw that trade go down I was upset. I loved Lavine as a player. He was literally our only reliable 3 point shooter, even though he tore his ACL, his work ethic is extremely good. To nearly average 20ppg as a third option? That's just nuts, most players can't even do that as a 3rd option let alone first. I felt that Butler just didn't fit with our timeline at all. I feel that, if you aren't building a team strong enough to contend against the Warriors, as a young team you shouldn't trade for any star talent to compete. You should stick to your timeline, teams like the Suns are on track to being a great team once the Warriors reign is over. That was what the TWolves were on track to do, I felt that with Lavine, Wiggins, Dunn, Towns and that 7th pick which ended up being Lauri we were on track to become one of the deadliest young teams in 3 years. I feel as with that roster in 3 years we would've been contending, forget making the playoffs… if you aren't a team capable of making the finals let alone winning then you shouldn't compromise anything. I feel that Thibs isn't our future coach, never liked him to begin with EVER. I felt that we should've pursued someone heavily like Mark Jackson, Jerry stackhouse, Becky Hammon, or Ettore Messina. But Thibs, he's a old school coach in a new era of basketball. He's apart of the Van Gundy's, Mike Woodson, Phil Jackson(I understand he retired but his GM job reflects upon how he doesn't fit in todays NBA and doesn't understand todays game) and Hornacek who haven't refined their coaching skills and are apart of the past. But the Twolves really made a desperate move just to become playoff contenders. For the season we were the third seed and locked in at the third seed if not for Butlers injury. But it never felt like we were a 3rd seed, when you watch a team play like the Rockets, Warriors, Celtics, you knew those were serious teams that are going to contend. Then there are teams like the Wolves, Raptors, Spurs, 76ers, OKC, and Blazers who you knew were overachieving, and wouldn't be contenders come playoff time. As a Twolves fan, years down the road everytime I see the "How Minnesota ruined a potential dynasty" videos in the future, just know most of us Wolves fans disliked the trade. To lose Dunn arguably our best defender who received no love from Thibs because he hates young players and gives them no chance, to lose Lavine out best shooter, and the pick that was Lauri, someone who could've added the extra spacing we needed it just destroyed any hope we had of being a championship team and we gave Chicago a future big 3. We just pulled a OKC-Harden trade but this time we gave up 3 all star caliber players.

  7. I hope my Bulls come back with vengeance, we haven't been good for a long time and it's not cool to see the most epic team of all time in this state.

  8. Y’all ain’t doin shit with that sorry squad Dunn lauri lavine n carter jr ain’t better then the philly , Celtics, nets young squad n that’s just the east out west u got the lakers nuggets Suns sac n timberwolves

  9. You gotta look at how each team is set up.

    The wolves have KAT and Wiggins. Dunn, lavine, and Laurie rounding out that five wouldn't have taken us anywhere. Dunn still can't shoot, and Lavine is still a defensive liability, not to mention his durability is in question now. We needed toughness so we made the trade for Butler to try and teach Kat and Wiggins toughness. The trade was extremely smart for the wolves. It's just that thibs is a terrible coach.

    The trade worked out for both teams but Minnesota as a franchise just is terrible at player development. We don't know how to win, and idk if we ever will until our ownership/thibs leaves.

    Also, you must be playing yourself if you think a core of Lavine, Laurie and Dunn is gonna win you a ring, even throw in Wendell carter, that team is not set up to win a ring in a few years. None of those players are truly league changing players. Lauri a future hall of famer? Come on you can't make that claim yet. Jahlil okafor averaged 17.5 and 7 as a rookie and look where he is now. Just don't get ahead of yourself when thinking so far in the future. For now the warriors are set to win for the next 4 years. The Celtics and sixers are also built far better than the bulls. A lot of teams are in the same boat as the bulls right now, it's nothing special yet.

  10. I forgot how much they hated on the trade, especially on Dunn. This year was actually WHY I became a Bulls fan. I think we're heading in a great direction.

  11. It looks bad for the Wolves right now, Jimmy looks like he wants out. Towns sounds like he’s willing to take off. Wiggins got paid and he’s ass. The real reason this team sucks is because of Tom Thibodeau. He’s the worst part of the Wolves and I’ve felt this way ever since they chose him to be the coach and GM. His off-season showed that he’s still the same stubborn penguin he’s always been. Signing the remains of Derrick Rose was classic Thibs. I was excited to be a Wolves fan last year because of Jimmy, but now I can’t wait for him to leave. Maybe to the Knicks with Kyrie.

  12. The Bulls could have built a team years ago. MJ gone, where did they go? down, and for awhile too. Why? bc they missed on a lot of their draft picks. I keep on saying it, teams can build up to contenders fast if they draft good. Just remember, the Bulls drafted Elton Brand, Ron Artest, LaMarcus Aldridge, they all got traded away. They didnt get pretty good til they got #1 pick and drafted Rose. But before all that, 99-07 or so, they had one #1 pick, two #2 picks, two #4 picks, and two #7 picks. they had top picks, but didnt use them well.

  13. Dunn

    The wolves would’ve have a good to great player under 25 at every position

  14. As a Timberwolves fan I screened NO!!!!! on draft night when the trade went down. I just knew pushing all our chips to the center of the table would backfire. I would have preferred to continue to play the long game. I was very high on Markkanen going into the draft. The one saving grace was with the #16 pick we got a very intriguing prospect in Justin Patton, a 7 footer with an all around skill set and high basketball IQ. Two foot surgeries later not quite so high on him.

  15. Minnesota took that L. Jimmy gone in a year, Wiggins is a bust, and towns is overrated since he can’t play defense or give any effort at all. Both would rather stay up late and play fortnite.

  16. Only thing that had me upset was the fact that the bulls had to give up their own pick (16th) if I'm not mistaken but I knew Jimmy wasn't taking us anywhere by himself and didn't view him as a good teammate or locker room guy besides didn't want to lose him for nothing (free agency) so I was one of the few that wanted to trade him

  17. Wtf is this guy on ? Lavine looking good this year?? Did you watch him this season and dont get me wrong I like Markkanen, but future Hall of famer? C'mon bro

  18. The thing Stephen A didn't make clear is that the Celtics weren't willing to give up their high round Brooklyn picks for Jimmy Butler! They were willing to trade 2 non Brooklyn first round picks, but not the Brooklyn ones! That's why the Bulls FO didn't do a deal with Boston!

  19. Kris Dunn finna make a few all defensive 1st teams and all star/all nba appearances when he peaks and especially if he works on his shot mechanics

  20. Knock it off with the "HINDSIGHT" BS!
    The jury was still out on Lavine knee surgery & that was a legitimate concern for the majority of us Bulls fans… The "initial" trade we lost but of course in "hindsight" that can either change or remain the same. Now people want to claim we won the trade based off of Jimmy Butler relationship with Minnesota lmao & smfh! OK "hindsight" gurus lol!

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