1. i think thats right, but i think the media calls them a dumpster fire because of garpax and the way they ran the franchise

  2. I think the perception is much worse than you state! It's the city of Chicago, that gets a bad rap. With the exception of possibly the Cubs, they have bad mouthed most of the teams, or players. They attacked Cutler, and Trubisky, asked why was Harold Baines going to the HOF, after the World Series with the Cubs, some stated that it was the 1st World Series in Chicago since 1908 when the Sox had won it in 2005 and that was ESPN! When they talk about big market teams they always mention New York or Los Angeles but sometimes Chicago. Stephen A and Colin C are two of the worst offenders. I could go on and on but the damage is already done. As a born and raised Chicagoan, I'll always know the worth of this city!

  3. The 2010 2011 bulls team that made the eastern confrence finala needed a 2 guard and managment didnt resign ben gordon or took a chance with larry hughes

  4. I super appreciate this man's observation. Especially when we had Tom Thibodeau. Chicago earned or I should say returned their reputation for playing great defense and hustling

  5. I live the video! Very detailed and correct take! I’d go as far to say that this perception has influenced their success now. They have shot nearly 250 less FTs than their opponents and they can’t seem to get the respect of calls. This has lead to a bunch of late game collapses. This team is on the verge and will be a problem. They have some nice young pieces, some cap space coming up and with the new FO and coach, now have the culture being built that is needed to set the tone in the positive direction. They can laugh all they want, it’s just a matter of time before they are contending again.

  6. The problem with the media especially stephen a smith is they were still very salty when mj and the 90s bulls rolled over they're team back then. Now that we're in a rebuild they get to talk smack.

  7. THE MEDIA IS A JOKE THE Bulls have had alot of successful years Drose era If Drose never got injured The bulls Could have another Championship Media is dumb

  8. We need to give time and patience with our new front office, nothing gets done overnight it is a process considering that theres still residue from the garpax era. The only thing is Jerry Reinsdorf still owns it and could be a new personnels same shit thing.

  9. A lot of the ESPN anylists are a complete joke anyway. theres a reason theyre falling off a cliff. try not to let it get 2 u

  10. I think all of this is quite simple.

    We're held to a higher standard because of the relatively recent (Rose/Noah/Thibs) era.
    We've thrown away some scandalous games this season against absolute nobodies.
    We've really not beaten anyone of note.

    I came into this season with very modest expectations and we haven't even matched those.

  11. I agree with you, bulls have not been all that bad. Currently this Bulls organization has good bright spots on the roster. Bulls should be on the up and up in the years to come, it's the front offices job to screw this up.

  12. No. Strawman here. Its not expecting the Bulls to be the 90s Bulls. Its about players who come here being inspired to carry the banner with the pride of the 90s in mind.

    Yeah, Jordan jumped high. Yeah he dunked a lot. What made him the best thing that ever happened to the city, though was his passion to win. I can't help but think that the attraction to Zach is about his jumping and dunking, but to the exclusion of not even wins, but just conviction or pride. I think the resemblance in above-the-rim style is a satiating distraction that sells tickets to bandwagon fans.

    You can argue that lifestyle and weather make the Lakes a free agent destination to explain their 17 rings and their ability to perpetually re-invent themselves, but how do you explain Boston?

    Colin Cowherd recently did a video about how bad a fit Andy Dalton is for the Chicago Bears and in it, he talked about how Chicago attracts the managerial class of the Midwest like a magnet, and how Ryan Pace's managerial failures may frustrate the garden-variety Bears fan, but the city is full of smart people from around the Midwest who notice the PR mistakes, the ownership decisions, and bogus narratives.

    Zach is not the first All-Star Bull and Jordan wasn't the last. We're not that impressed. This is windows dressing. Use that marketing in Indianapolis, Minnesota, Milwaukee or Memphis.

    This is Chicago. 3rd largest market. "We have an all-star" is like a student saying, "I have a pencil."

  13. Why media make bulls as a joke? Coz bulls never greatagain since the 90's. We can't blame them coz bulls standard is high. It happend in sports teams. Such as ac milan n liverpool, even boston red sox.. That should wake the organization up. Maybe make new strategy to build not just talk bulls are fine and in right direction. NO..bulls not in right direction.. The future is not even appear now. I dont know for how many years again. But please dont say another rebuild again. We as afan so tired with those word without any concret..

  14. Thanks for the love… I agree 100…we are soooo under valued. The national media give of no love… See Red… Teams in other markets are praised but have not earned it… We on the come up

  15. Haters gonna hate. Fact is Bulls Nation has the 3rd largest fanbase in the NBA. 1.Lakers 2. Knicks 3. Bulls. The 1st 2 are major media outlets where you find your ESPN's and FOX sports networks. The 3rd is us. #BullsNation

  16. Imma always like Ben Gordon more than Rose because Gordon got the bulls back to the playoffs. Anyone who don't believe Gordon got bulls back to the playoffs need to understand only the first rookie 6 man of all time could do it. He had to do something no one in nba history has never done to get the bulls back yet he don't get no respect things like this why I can't be a bulls fan no more. It super annoying to me that people give kirk Heinrich more credit when kirk was there before Gordon and the bulls was terrible

  17. Well put video commentary of the Bulls. People tend to be fair-weather fans and really just want to get on a team that wins. I think this year it is still a process and the management is working on it.

  18. I feel like it's also a thing where people just look at the records as well. They dont care whose coaching, what players they have, just the end result

  19. i agree that this is comparative to the 90s bulls, but also a few things to mention. Most of you're analysts today were players that those 90s bulls crushed. Shaq, Greg Anthony etc.. So i think there is a little bias there. They also have short memories. Just a few years ago the Lakers were a joke *cough magic johnson front office *cough. The Thibs era feels like 20 years ago, but yeah its not like we're the Kings who havent been relevant since Mitch Richmond was a rising star, or the T-wolves who uhh are also there. More than anything, i think the laughing stock label is just applied because of the ridiculous moves our previous front office had made. The league knew what was going on, and that hurt our reputation more than anything. Well that and being cheap. And…..this comment has been traded to the pacers for cash considerations

  20. Same thoughts here… Majority of people don't even watch games. On the contrary, this is a competition after all. I would rather see us trail by 20 and win eventually than other way around. When you're competing the key thing is to be better than your opponent no matter what. Bad moments can happen to every team. The best ones find the way to get over them and get the Dub most of the nights. Nobody, not even us, is going to remember this game and very good three quarters. The thing that counts is that result. Conclusion… We need to develop winners, killers on the court, not guys who can play basketball but don't know what winning really consists of. You need to want it so bad… I don't see that in our current roster except for Lavine and White. Pat is a rookie. I can understand he's confused. Next year I want him to be the Most improved player.

  21. Problem is my bulls are cheap and when we do get good players we treat them like shit u saw how they did rose, Jimmy, and even Air Jordan Lmfao they treated D Wade better than Jordan🤦🏽🤦🏽

  22. As a sixers fan and I think the bulls have a very nice young squad between lavine lauri white and Patrick Williams, u guys have a lot of work to do before you guys can become a real playoff comtender but I think you guys definitely have the talent to be a 7-8 seed especially since the east sucks.

  23. Ex players and they media could do nothing but bow down to us,and that's even in the D rose erea! ,so now the whole league including the media gets there chance to kick us while we r down" but our time is coming..man we r right there,I went back and looked and if we just knew how to close a game or go for the kill,we should be like 28 -10. But arterus gonna make it happened then it will be r turn to gloat!!!! SEE RED. BABY, lets go bulls, we r about to win 10 straight!!!!!!

  24. I agree bro because bulls used to have Rodman,Jordan and Pippen while now our only star is Zach lavine but we are slowly building a new strong team

  25. I believe alot of the hate comes from ex players and current fans whose team's the Bulls exploited in the 90s. Chicago also has the greatest player ever by far in MJ. So they get hate for that. I remember during the Rose years analysts would say slick stuff about the Bulls even when they were contending. The current sports media is also Lebron oriented where they over publicize him and what ever team he skips to. He's a fake want to be goat and has paid shills in the media that fawn over every thing he does. But they try to minimize MJs accomplishments. Lebron is also a steroid and hgh user both now and in the past (Biogenesis Clinic, etc.). So he's a cheater. I went off on a tangent there but the Bulls get a lot of jealousy from the media that's not necessarily basketball related for modern times.

  26. Thats what the problem of the bulls team right now they dont play with intensity lazy on defense and no determination at all no fire on their eyes.

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