TRAIL BLAZERS vs WARRIORS | Golden State Eyes a Trip to Their 5th Consecutive NBA Finals | Game 4

The Golden State Warriors defeated the Portland Trail Blazers in overtime by a final score of 119-117 to win the Western Conference Finals, 4-0. The Warriors …



  1. Curry gets called for a travel at the end of regulation yet James harden does the exact same thing every game and doesn’t get called for a travel

  2. I feel like Steph didn’t get enough credit or praise for this series. KD went out and he averaged 36 for the series. He kept them at bay this game with big timely shots in the first half.

  3. Any series with the Rockets & OKC is toxic. Playing Portland is always much more satisfying. So much respect between the 2 teams.

  4. Can we just take a minute to appreciate Dell and Sonya for having kids and then another minute of appreciation for them because it must be so hard to have 2 kids on different teams playing against each other in the finals and knowing one of your kids will go home upset because they lost in the finals

  5. Still think the Nuggets would have been a better series, but somebody grab the broomstick cuz Portland got swept.

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