What Should The Chicago Bulls Do At NBA Trade Deadline?

What Should The Chicago Bulls Do At NBA Trade Deadline?


  1. Move Lauri he cant change direction hes not an interchangeable player he needs to be a pure shooter on a great team. Wendell is old NBA not big enough to dominate inside and shot isnt strong enough. Get off the Porter Jr contract. So a top 10 draft pick for all those bums and our lottery pick and just make sure we get a stud out of it all and cap space

  2. Go and get Andre Drummond and trade Wendell carter jr and two
    Future no1 draft for 2020 and 2021 plus throw in Denzel Valentine!this could work I’m high on Andre Drummond

  3. If the Bulls are getting Mo Harkless for Thad then screw that. I would be cool with getting Ivica Zubac, or JaMychal Green and they include Mfiondu Kabengele with either of those. We will throw in a 2nd if necessary to get deal done. But like you said, Bulls management won’t do crap to make this team better period.

  4. The only trade they should make it is coaching if you can😂😂 gar /pax have done enough damage and I don't trust them in any trades. They'll make a foolish one.

  5. Tired of hearing people say Boylen is the problem. As though this team only started to be crap once he was hired. Boylen isn't the right coach but firing him doesn't equate to automatic contender.
    We need….
    1: New GM and President
    2: Coach with Playoff experience
    3: Trades for draft picks (Lavine, Dunn, Carter Jr, Lauri)
    4: Hope Jerry sells the team to someone with actual vision and who cares

  6. I think regardless its a lose lose situation. We can't tank because of the draft system and in the playoffs we most likely going to lose 1st round.I rather see them in the playoffs then get screwed over again with the fourth 7th pick in draft.

  7. Hey Faiz The team is not as bad as people are making them to be. The coach and the front office is the major problems Until they change the front office the Bull will never be what they should be and that’s why they’re not going to make playoffs because the coach is horrible.

  8. @2:39 that the mind set I’m always thinking but there so many damn ppl who got the other mind set we made the playoff just get swept by the number 1 seed I’ll rather missed the playoff and get chance of getting decent draft pick and build off the draft like honest what do we gain for making the playoff just to get swept when we get chance of getting decent draft pick

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