What The Chicago Bulls Should Do In The 2019 Draft!

What The Chicago Bulls Should Do In The 2019 Draft!


  1. if you want a more defensive minded point guard just sign pat bev in the off season. A veteran presence, good defender, and some tenacity to instill in the youngsters

  2. If we can't make a trade for Lonzo, i think the best thing we can do outside of some unforeseen awesome trade is to trade the 7th pick to Boston for the 14th,20th and a future asset and or some 2nd rounders this year.

    Then pick up Bol Bol at the 14th,Romeo Langford or Kevin Porter with the 20th.

    Then with our 2nd rd pick take Jaylen Hands.

    I don't see Garland or White being anything special.and this team NEEDS DEPTH just as badly as a better PG.

    We can cut most of the D Leaguer and let Old man Lopez go.plus those 3 guys do have plenty of upside.

    I think taken a chance on 3 young guys rather then just 1 higher pick gives us much better odds of landing a hidden gem.plus like i said we really really need depth and young potential for the future. This is exactly what Denver did to us with the Dougy mcbuckets trade.

    But thats WAY TOO Creative for Gar/pax to pull off and it would require them to get off their butts and do their jobs.so yeah something like this just wont happen.

  3. I keep seeing this Lonzo and Bulls trade on Youtube, just lettin you know it aint gonna happen, you guys aint got shit, not enough anyway for my boi Lonzo

  4. I would do kris dunn and a 7nd and maybe a 2nd for lonzo so the lakers have more incentive because they would package those picks to try for ad

  5. If it takes the 7th pick + Kris Dunn + Denzel Valentine/ Cristiano Felicio to get Lonzo Ball, I would do it in a heartbeat. Plus, I just realized that Lonzo would look better in a Bulls uniform. Just saying…..

  6. Or you could? You trade down and get a 1st in next years draft. You still can draft a PG project and now have an extra pick to package to move up in 2020 or to get another piece. You don't need a top 5 pick to get a legit play-maker at PG. Do I need to type a list of PG's taken mid to late first? All you need is a good scouting department, which the Bulls have. Garland has history with a knee injury, and the Bulls should know all to well about Pg's with Knee injuries. The guy I like isn't even mocked in the 1st round Shamorie Ponds, So they could get him with a 2nd rd. pick. As far as using the 7th? I think they need to end the tunnel vision of Pg's and take a long look at Sekou Doumbouya from France. He is still young with raw talent but was trained in the french system and could be a nice fit. The Bulls aren't getting a superstar to lead this team without a bit of luck and some great scouting. They have enough talent to be an 8th seed now, so high future picks aren't in the future, and talking the pre-Madonna players into playing in Chicago via free agency not likely. They have to plant seed and watch their crop grow.

  7. i just wanted ja morant. i’ll take lonzo but ja morant is literally such a perfect fit for our team he’d be great for us. he needed him. he coulda lead us to be contenders over the years. lonzo won’t do that. i’m honestly doubting that i’ll see the bulls win a championship in my lifetime. it’s so hard being a bulls fan

  8. Dunn cant shoot why people dont trust his offence abilities ball is a worse shooter then dunn so it be a step back plus the ball cancer factor from the dad to much drama dont pull that trade would ruin the bulls

  9. Not ball as a bull we going have to hear his dads mouth talking smack n trying to run the bulls with his stupid comments on social media day in n day out thats to much drama for a young team can be a cancer that can destroy the rebuild keep ball n his family out of chicago that be the beginning of the end

  10. I say, if possible, keep dunn…draft white…and see if he's a 6th man type…wait for the right opportunity to get a star, and keep getting closer to being a star away.

  11. That is one thing about a team full of players that are fairly new to the NBA.
    Use GIMMICK OFFENSE that they use in the Summer League Tournament = Fast-Break Offense until you drop.
    NBA Playoff is HALFCOURT OFFENSE because you are playing against the brightest defensive minds.
    Takes a higher level of intelligence to execute complex HALFCOURT OFFENSE, so a very young team should skip all of that and run Summer League Tournament-style Fast-break Offense.

  12. I think it would help your offense February point if you had told us how good the teams you faced defensively were and whether the Bulls Scored an Outlier on them or not.

  13. Nassir little has kawhi leonard written all over him. North carolina system was not good for him even being so he really looked good in feburary march and april ..was a top 3 pick going into the begining of the season but has fell very low in all mock drafts.. wake up an take nassir little who may end up being the best 2 way pro in the entire draft …mind you hunter and morant will be very good pros .. the duke boys are busts waiting to happen…fuck lonzo he is shitty id rather see rozier give boston the middle finger and come put a bulls jersey on

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