Who Should Be The Chicago Bulls Next Head Coach?

Who Should Be The Chicago Bulls Next Head Coach?


  1. I been saying this time and time again that Mark Jackson former Golden State head coach should be the next head coach of the Chicago Bulls. Despite the mistakes he made, He learn from it and move forward from it. Mark Jackson should be your next Bulls Head Coach and I said it all along throughout the time.

  2. The coach you want to do the rebuild might not be the coach that takes Bulls to the championship. There are coaches out there who are very good at managing with a small budget but they fall short if you give them a lot of resources. This is true on every level, some teams get older players to teach and guide younger ones, and when the time comes to got for it all, the older guys are replaced with someone else because not everyone who helps you get to the title is needed to take the title. Two examples: Thibs and Pop, Thibs was very good regular season coach but didn't win any titles, Pop knew that he needs TD in the playoffs and rested him enough to make sure he can be as good as possible. Spurs made 2 finals while Thibs was Bulls coach. My point is that Bulls shouldn't look for a coach who can coach young talent and have a plan for how to win a title, those coaches are very rare.

  3. BTW. My cat, Chewbie, would be a better coach than Boylen. At least he wouldn't get in the way of the players doing what they need to do. But, they would have to respect him, or there would be trouble. He is a cat, after all.

  4. You gave good solid reasons for your choices.
    BTW. For me, the reason NOT to hire a college coach is Hoiberg, not Boylen. Boylen was a stupid hire. He was a disaster as the acting head coach, and giving him a 3 year extension was either incompetence or insanity, or maybe both.
    Hoiberg seems to be a good college coach who did not have what is needed in the NBA, where he is dealing with egotistical millionaires.

  5. MARK JACKSON!!!! HANDS DOWN!!! We need a coach who isnt too far frm this era who can communicate with players on their lvls n bring out the intangibles in every player. MARK JACKSON HAS BEEN TO THE PLAYOFFS EVERY YR OF HIS PLAYING CAREER!! He knows what it takes to get prepared to get back to the elite lvl of playing ball.

  6. Mark Jackson built the Golden State team that Steve took over. He instilled the defensive philosophy that they still hold on to today. With a solid offensive minded assistant coach the Bulls could make a huge leap with a well respected, personable, humbled and experienced head coach. Plus it would begin to answer the Bulls problem of lack of diversity with a high quality African-American coach who actually deserves to coaching in the NBA. He would bring hope and inspiration to young talented players who saw what GState became when he took over.

  7. I think it’s too early to do this because it’s going to be coaches fired this year and they could be added to your list

  8. Ok so first Mark Jackson is not a head coach because he is being black balled. The Warriors Owner is Homosexual and Mark being Christian spoke out about his beliefs and got caned. I would love Atkinson I think the Nets were catering to Irving, Jordan and Durant too much but we he has done with the Nets over the years has been utterly fantastic! Joerger would be great too except he coached the Grizzlies with Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph. His coaching style is kind of slow paced and judging from how AV wants to play I don’t see that being a fit. Adrian Griffin can be a dark horse here as he’s Assistant to Nick Nurse who I believe is a top 3 coach in the league plus he’s assisted Thibs so he may have a wealth of knowledge we shall see. My pick would be Atkinson or Mark Jackson. But I feel AV will pick a coach from Europe a dark horse like Nick Nurse was and pick a great one too.

  9. That whole right of what you call coaches should be rip up and never be brought up again unless you want the to be in the lottery pick every year.

  10. Mark Jackson is the reason for the Warriors Championships. He was definitely black ball about some behind the closed doors Shyt.

  11. If this guy can land Ty Lue, then Bron and AD would walk in a minute away from the L.A. scene to control the house that Mike built for a couple of years!

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