Why The Chicago Bulls Wont Hire Mark Jackson

Pat The Designer Breaks down why the Chicago Bulls Mark Jackson isn’t a Match Made in Heaven. Pat The Designer Gives you 5 Head Coaching Candidates …



  1. Man how did I miss this one! I agree with you on Mark Jackson, at first I felt bad for him but then I realized he wasn't getting any love from anyone and had to look at him in the end. You hit the nail on the head, you can be fighting with the owner period.

  2. Was just thinking about Mark Jackson and the Bulls a d how it's such a good idea so the front office will make sure it doesn't happen, lol.

  3. Don't you think he has seen some of the errors of his ways… Everyone can change… So you only judging him on his past and that was a while ago…

  4. If he brings a winning culture to Bulls since Thimdeau/D Rose (2010) & Jordan/Bulls/Phil Jackson. Why not! Mark Jackson is a proven coach! Outside of that Atkinson (BK Nets)

  5. It's great to be in America where we all have the right to voice an opinion. But unfortunately I just can't simply agree with your comments here's why.
    1. Mike Jackson change the culture.
    2. Mark Jackson change the organization from losers to winners.
    3. Mark Jackson changed an organization that had lost for 19 years and in less than three seasons went from 21 winds to 51 wins got fired and then they won three championships subsequently the following year.
    4. Lastly Mark Jackson showed men how to be men on and off the court ask Steph Curry Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.
    You should interview Mark. Just let me know when. salute to our dude Pete Meyers who Mark hired while at the Warriors thanks Pete. Brian

  6. Let the Knicks hire, it's a match. After all the controversy, Mark Jackson is the last guy that the Bulls need. Too much weird history. "Mama, there goes that coaching opportunity"

  7. We have has our best teams, when there was conflict between coach and management. I would disagree with your attempts to put down the basketball IQ of Mark Jackson. I call bs. There no comparison between Mark and Jim. You basically had to contradict yourself… At any rate i agree with what you want, a coach whom will contort his plans around available players. How did Mark mess up their organization?🤯 It sounds like the people in the office had a problem with Mark. I dont recall Mark saying he had or has a problem with them… Why would you side with a group effort to keep a successful black man from getting a job? You lost me…There is no way he had time to kiss the ass of 200 people and win 50 games in the NBA. Billy Donavan had KD Harden and Westbrook, couldn't get it done. Everybody in the office loves his Lilly white ass though. He so polite! Screw that! Give me the coach that has his dreams about pick and role defense. Boiling the basics in the kitchen, because his team needs food for thought. Making sure a young g with Elite talent has all the fundamentals of a guy with less ability. Its called player development.

  8. No Mark Jackson. Dude was cancerous in Golden State which is famous for it's positive environment, we do NOT need that while we're trying to establish a winning culture here.

  9. Thanks for letting more of these guys know. Theres no way he is the best all around option for this team, we need a head coach who isnt going to be so sensetive and can work cooperatively with the front office too

  10. i dont understand you're either gonna have a player's coach or a strict leader example being POP. issue with the league is everyone think they lebron. every star player once to run their organization with no questioning. structure needs to be implemented.

  11. Personally no I dont want Mark Jackson. Yeah he is a great motivator but its proven that isolation style of basketball doesn't work to win championships. Houston is a great example of that.

  12. ..but didn’t it work though? 🤔. Let’s keep it a buck!.. the Bulls ARE NOT WINING with their current roster. We need someone to come in, build, and develop a possible contender. They MAY NOT be the coach that stays and takes us over the hump. But they can serve it up for the next guy. 🤔. Golden state was “served up” for Steve Kerr.. Cleveland was “served up” for Tyrone Lue.. just the way I see it.

  13. Very interesting because I heard the biggest reason why Mark Jackson has pretty much been blacklisted is because he is a hardcore Christian and The GSW organization is very liberal. I believe The someone in ownership is gay themselves, I believe Joe Lacob. But it was a clash of ideologies hence.

  14. Good points the Bulls dont need no other coach or players getting into it with management. As we seen before it can destroy a dynasty.

  15. I'm not interested in Mark Jackson possibly coming to the Bulls. It's starting to sound like it was with Jon Gruden in the NFL. A former head coach that hasn't been coaching for 5+ years after getting fired but still want him anyway because of his name. No thank you. I give credit to Jackson for being successful with the Warriors but the fact the Warriors fired him because he wasn't ready to lead an championship caliber team says a ton.

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