Why Zach LaVine is the Future of the Chicago Bulls [HD]

Zach LaVine had always been known as an exciting player to watch, but I’m here to tell you why he’s about to take the next step, and become a franchise …



  1. Six in a row after losing 10… First time in NBA history… They go from being the worst team to a team in the playoffs… Possibly… And they still don’t have a Zach back.. when they do… Wow… Best Bulls team since the Jordan era.. but honestly, even if he doesn’t try to be Kobe or Michael… And score 30+ points a game… That doesn’t mean he isn’t a superstar. I would rather see him score 20 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists… Be a complete player… Not some kid who wants to score 40 points a game because of ego… A team player first, a team that dominates and has four guys with 20 points or more… That’s what I want to see.

  2. I never once thought the bulls lost that trade. Lavine is gonna average 25ppg in the NBA and markkanen is clearly one of the top rookies. Dunn's recent play is just a cherry on the top. Seems like he's at least going to be a valuable role player

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