Will The Chicago Bulls Actually Trade Zach LaVine?

Hey guys, it’s Faiz In today’s video, I give you guys my thoughts on all the rumors surrounding the possibility of the Chicago Bulls trading Zach LaVine. Download …



  1. Right now they are a lottery pick team until they can make some serious moves same roster as last year this year was overhauling the front office and coaching staff next year will be the team but truly the only thing that stops us is health 💯 if we can remain somewhat healthy then I believe we can make the playoffs

  2. Only expendable is Wendall Carter & Porter (not value, but contract). Lavine is proven and has upside still with or without bad coaching, Markkanen was sabotage by Boylen. Billy Donovan will be the filter for who works in AK & Eversely system. Next I see Bulls being more aggressive.

  3. This is just something to get everybody talkin I highly doubt it. What sense does it make to trade away our best player how is that getting better. All these teams inquiring about LaVine shows how vital he is to this team. I don't want to make other teams better I hope this isn't true. AK did make a mistake and traded away Donovan Mitchell.

  4. We need a SF from the league.. all this PG talk is annoying.. i hope the Bulls make the right choice.. no time for games.. PS: i do hope we either get Wiseman or Lamelo.. the draft is weak this yr smh

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