Zach LaVine CRAZY WORKOUTS & DUNKS! Chicago Bulls Quarantine Workouts & More!

Zach LaVine CRAZY WORKOUTS & DUNKS! Chicago Bulls Quarantine Workouts & More! ——————————————————————— | Shoutout to …



  1. I'm very pleased Zach Lavine is keeping fit an looking after himself✌️ that's what I like to see. Such a bloody star. I'm glad we have such a talented player like him on our team. We love you Zach🤟
    Our team need to become champions again..

  2. He been getting by on raw talent alone. Already a good defender when he wants to. He just needs to learn how to win in this league. Knowing when to drop 40pts, and when would it be better to have 10-12ast. Game to game just doing what wins.

  3. Think this year or the next Zach will finally be superstart that we have been waiting, his prime years is just now coming to him. Isn't he like 24 now and usually people in NBA are in their prime years about 25-27 years old. So only better Zach is ahead of us still. Now for myself I wish they can somehow still keep Lauri there with him and they somehow find a system that works for both of these amazing young players.

  4. Every summer hes working on his game. If only the rest of the team could put in that much work into the offseason.
    Hes still developing his game.

  5. Bulls squad stand up if you believe next season we going to the playoffs let's goooo plus coby white needs to be in that gym with lavine if they're trying to be that unstoppable duo in the backcourt me personally I'd be his shadow learning him up and down in and out

  6. Chicago Bulls front Office need to put some Talent around Zach Lavine. To be honest I think we need a new head coach and a good solid bench.

  7. Every time I see the thumbnail of your videos and it ain’t a picture of Jim Boylen with the headline “He’s been fired”, I get disappointed. Lol

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