Zach LaVine Is A SUPERSTAR For The Chicago Bulls! HUGE DUNKS & More! | Chicago Bulls News!

Zach LaVine Is A SUPERSTAR For The Chicago Bulls! HUGE DUNKS & More! | Chicago Bulls News!


  1. Zach was amazing and yes, I am convinced he should def be an Allstar! But you are wrong about Lauri. You should look at the game objectively not as a fan! I am a huge Lauri fan, but Lauri was gassed by the middle of the 2nd quarter which is very concerning! He doesn’t look as fit as last year and you can tell his conditioning is not good! He missed every shot in 3rd quarter. All were short, indicating fatigue. I am hoping this is just beginning of the season deal, and not longer term. It’s very disappointing to see! I see Porzingis balling out there, while Lauri is lacking. Sad.

    Also last possession of the game is 100% coaches fault! He has Coby inbound the ball instead of Coby getting the ball! Horrible decision. On top of that he had it inbound to Felicio? 🤦🏻‍♂️ what was he thinking!

  2. The bulls are going to be fun to watch this year. What I like about this group they can create and get they own shot. The way this group played the last couple games gave us a little insight on what's in store for us this year. The work they have been putting in the gym this summer will definitely pay off.

  3. There is something wery different in Lauris game and not in a good way, he should be much more agressive and drive to the paint just like last february… or is Boylen given him this kind of role in the team… well either way I dont like it😕 because he can be so much more versatile!!! Greetings from Finland🇫🇮 and Go Bulls🐃🙂

  4. We have all the talent now super team in the making but why talk about Zion when it’s about the bulls I mean Zion a good player and all but his size is his weakness y I say he was huffing and puffing like the wolf 🐺 from the three little pigs 🐖 lol 😂 have respect ✊ for our bulls and give them credit where credit dooo

  5. I think you can of late we all know that Zach Lavine is a superstar. 2 time Slam Dunk Contests champion, rookie challenge MVP. I only need is the Bulls to build around here. And I think they have done that. Can't wait until Lauri hit his stride.

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