Zach LaVine is Becoming a Franchise Player | Best 2019 Bulls Highlights

LaVine is pouring in 23.8 PPG and has come alive with some clutch performances to close out the season. He’s way more than a high-flyer, but he’s still throwing …



  1. A Versatile Player, he CAN Do anything inside the COURT he can fly and slam the ball and also he shoot well remember their game against hornet He drained 13 threes! And they won. This Guy is AMAZING!!

  2. Comparing his and Aaron Gordon's in-game dunks, Gordon is nowhere near with his strained dunks. Like he's trying too hard. Lavine is like a feather in the wind, effortless.

  3. Sucks! To see this dude dunk! Bro can you just dunk better all that hang time for nothing hate these one handed dunks with no style like back then wow…SMH nba sucksss horrible sad part is that the crowd goes crazy for some simple dunk?

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