1. Boylens a joke, as a matter of fact the bulls organization is a joke. I dont blame the players for having to deal with "egregious" incompetence. They say shit rolls down hill but I really think in this case it needs to roll up ☝

  2. Jim the dumbass think Zach made a 3 big mistakes And they are 1. Zach has better look than him 2. Zach has hair he doesn’t 3. He has fat gut and Zach doesn’t. Fire this boldly and get a real coach.

  3. I feel sorry for these young players. Not only because I have been Bulls fan since mid 90's but also because they are just wasting their time over there. You can tell Zach has a lot to say but he is still patient and holds it. In the end it's his job and those lazy bosses and coaches are his employeers. And Boylen, well this guy can't even talk like a man. He was just mumbling something, lost in his thoughts.

  4. Coach needs to handle his anger better. It's frustrating to see the team play bad defense obviously, but pulling LaVine in a fit of rage is not an appropriate reaction. As the head coach, getting a big paycheck, better behavior should be expected. The team's defense continued to be awful with LaVine on the bench, so the problem can't just be him.

    Also not cool that the coach can't even explain what the "three egregious defensive mistakes" actually were. Unless he can say what the mistakes were, they probably didn't even happen and the coach knows that and doesn't want to admit it. He doesn't want to admit he pulled him as an emotional reaction, not a logical one.

  5. What joke this guy is. In the next 2 year Zach will be a full fledged superstar in this league, and Boyle’s will be back coaching little league where he belongs.

  6. Mark Jackson established the foundation that led to 5 trips to the finals and 3 rings for the Warriors. Somebody get him over here to turn these young guys into a team

  7. Zach needs to start considering his options. What if he was on a team that could make the playoffs this year? I could see him playing with the Raptors squad, for example.

  8. i love bulls and blackhawks and i dont like the way that jim boylen talks to zach lavine like that he is disrespect and rude

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